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Reimagine your operations with TEAM’s distribution and retail IT solutions

Custom e-commerce software development for the entire retail ecosystem

Enabling you to meet market needs faster than competitors and deliver exclusive customer experience

A successful retail business is all about outstanding, smooth customer service. Checkout speed and overall shopping experience are essential for any store, online or not. You must stay agile, offering versatile payment options and point of sale software (POS), maintaining loyalty programs, and managing your inventory efficiently. This is where TEAM’s IT solutions for retail and distribution come into the spotlight. We enable you to maximize your tech potential and mobilize resources by digitalizing operations, streamlining processes, building an omnichannel customer experience (CX) environment, and introducing automated retail processes.

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Efficient retail software solutions and distribution digitalization consulting for market leaders

B2B & B2C retailers

Online stores

Distribution firms

Brick-and-mortar shops


Independent retailers

Regional & Global chains


Retail enterprises

Intermediary services

Auto dealership groups

Supply chain vendors

Retail IT management services and cloud infrastructure for distribution needs

Enhance retail and distribution operations with managed services for optimal performance.

Whether you plan to customize your Salesforce or integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM, create an e-commerce shop, or implement a customer service chatbot, TEAM talents are ready to meet your business flexibility and scalability goals. We apply proven practices to help you leverage smart logistics automation and AI-driven distribution solutions that empower you to build robust supply chains and feature-rich warehouse management systems. Have an idea for an Amazon or eBay competitor? We know how to get you there. Just select a service—TEAM International will provide tailored distribution IT support solutions.

POS system testing and managed IT services for the distribution and retail industry

Web, Mobile & Desktop E-commerce

Apps with eye-catching UI, easy navigation, and secure payments that increase operational speed.

  • Custom shopping carts
  • Digital order management
  • Barcodes & Beacons
  • Cross-shop integration
  • VR, AR, MR & IoT
  • Digital twins
  • And more

Web, Mobile & Desktop E-commerce

Business process automation

Digital workflows, interconnected systems, and fast data verification that accelerate your time to market, reducing costs.

  • AI, ML & RPA
  • Intelligent inventory management
  • Automated bookkeeping, reporting, and invoicing
  • M&A support
  • Automated order fulfillment

Business process automation

Managed cybersecurity for retail operators

The world-class ISO 27001 security and quality assurance practices to advance your business resilience.

  • SIEM approach
  • 2FA authorization
  • Multi-admin panels
  • Identity and access management
  • Retail software testing services
  • Materials and production quality control

Managed cybersecurity for retail operators

Retail data management solutions

Managed data services for distribution and retail companies that seek to leverage predictive analytics for smart decision-making.

  • Data Science
  • Inventory data integration
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Data warehouses and lakes
  • Data governance for retail optimization

Retail data management solutions

Supply chains & Distribution

Boost your processes’ visibility with automation software to improve productivity across all shipping activities.

  • Distribution management systems
  • Inventory management software
  • Cross-supplier e-collaboration
  • Courier, route & Transport tracking
  • Return management

Supply chains & Distribution

360 Customer service and experience

State-of-the-art tools that simplify onboarding, build consumer trust, and improve brand reputation.

  • Hyper-personalization
  • Preordering, Refunds & Credits
  • BNPL integration
  • Multicurrency payments
  • Promo and loyalty campaigns
  • Omnichannel integration

360 Customer service and experience

Custom software development

Tailored next-gen e-store solutions that increase your ROI and bring new growth capabilities.

  • SaaS
  • IoT & Blockchain
  • End-to-end data management
  • Performance tracking
  • Platform-agnostic implementation
  • 3rd-party integrations
  • Custom plugins
  • Facial recognition

Custom software development

Digital strategy for retail companies

Innovative tech strategies that transform how you operate and engage with your consumers.

  • Distribution industry consulting in IT governance
  • Digital risk management
  • E-commerce technology roadmaps
  • Data monetization
  • System audit and optimization

Digital strategy for retail companies

ESG solutions

Eco-friendly technologies that reduce your resource consumption, provide emissions observability, and boost customer loyalty.

  • ESG compliance
  • Environmental risk management
  • Robotics & IoT
  • Energy consumption and carbon capture tracking
  • Sustainable stores

ESG solutions

Marketing & Sales

Software with future-focused capabilities for your marketing, planning, and sales activities.

  • All-in-one automation
  • BI & BA
  • 3D try-on
  • Trend, demand, sales forecasting
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Gamification
  • Social media integrations

Marketing & Sales

Managed cloud services for retail operations

Infrastructure management, DevOps, and retail cloud migration services that increase your operational speed and optimize costs.

  • Managed IT Services
  • Distribution cloud security services
  • Cross-cloud migration
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Cloud-based inventory management

Managed cloud services for retail operations

Support & Legacy tech modernization

Evolution of your legacy retail systems into modern, flexible platforms ready for high-load peak periods.

  • Component customization
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Enterprise systems redesign
  • Maintenance and support
  • Legacy tech sunset

Support & Legacy tech modernization

  • Seeking cloud-based data management for your distribution firm
  • or need retail QA consulting services?
  • Just select a solution and get in touch with us.

Boost your brand awareness and drive higher conversion in both digital and physical worlds

Having a global 1500+ talent pool of highly experienced IT specialists, TEAM International can bridge the gap between tech and business with an efficient retail digital transformation strategy. With over 20 years of industry expertise, we have the knowledge, business intelligence, and limitless resource scalability to walk you through digitalization, from idea shaping and system audit to complex, operationally efficient product development and post-release support or legacy retail platform maintenance.

Next-gen IT solutions for retail and distribution that will propel your business forward

Delivery tracking apps

Chatbots, PAs & AR shopping assistants

Custom POS & mPOS systems

Sales and marketing tools

Order-picking automation products

Virtual showrooms


Custom dashboards

Payment gateway APIs

Retail robotics solutions

In-store apps

Store management software

Smart devices programming

Supply chain collaboration platforms

Reporting and invoicing platforms

A diverse team of professionals working together in a modern studio to meet customer needs efficiently.

Meet your customers’ needs with TEAM Studios’ advanced UI/UX design, cloud, and data management business packages

TEAM International’s retail IT outsourcing services: Your business benefits

We’re capable of meeting your growth goals in the most cost-effective and collaborative way. TEAM’s flexible service offerings ensure your organization’s speed of delivery, resource scalability, and digital-first strategic course. We’re here to empower your retail and distribution operations with new capabilities of groundbreaking technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual and mixed reality, and RPA. Your success and competitive edge are our top priorities.

A visual representation of using warehouse management software for retail, highlighting IT outsourcing services.

What we offer as your tech partner:

Delivery management oversight

GDPR compliance policies

Official partnerships with AWS, Microsoft, and UiPath

10 global locations with ISO/IEC 27001 certification

Knowledge transfer and security training

4.5 years average customer retention rate

Embark on your digital transformation and innovation journey with the right TEAM

Digital-first strategies and advanced IT products to boost your ROI and unplug new value streams

TEAM International’s experts will solve your challenges creatively, seeking operational efficiency, secure shopping experience, and marketing and sales analytics to power your digital transformation. We craft scalable IT solutions relevant to consumers today and tomorrow. With our unparalleled access to global talent, you’ll unlock all the necessary resources to innovate promptly and intelligently.

Why digitalizing your retail business with TEAM is a great idea

Seamless omnichannel shopping and customer support

Cost savings with optimized management and logistics

Data-driven digital loyalty programs

Your customers’ data protection

Optimized legacy apps and cloud benefits

High-performing AI-powered systems

Data Management as a Service

Data warehouses/lakes of any size and complexity

Customer data transformed into actionable insights

Intuitive UI/UX

Tailored distribution digitalization consulting

Focus on reducing your customer churn rate and boosting retention

Our Success Stories

our work telenor

Empowering Telenor Denmark’s IT staff capacity with a nearshore Dedicated Development Center

our work lifestyle medicine

Over $1M saved annually by automating EHR data verification for the Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine

our work allica bank

Enhancing IT capacity and automating banking operations for Allica Bank, UK’s fast-growing fintech, having raised over £2B in customer deposits by June 2023.

Eliminate business constraints, scale your digitalization, and grow retail operations effortlessly with TEAM.