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Enable your operational efficiency with TEAM’s holistic IT infrastructure management solutions

Running businesses around the clock through turnkey services for digital excellence

As they say, the night is dark and full of terrors, and the road to digital transformation is bumpy and difficult. Well, we are here to change it and empower you with scalable tech solutions that accelerate growth and drive development. We’ve got you covered with our digital consulting and IT managed solutions for business services providers that simplify operations while saving costs and freeing your employees for mission-critical projects. Everything you need to gain a competitive edge, from data governance for office administration and remote employee workplaces to business services software testing, waste disposal data integration solutions, and security services automation technology.

Digital solutions for business services: a modern approach to streamline operations and enhance productivity.

Tailored IT support and maintenance for business services industry leaders

CRM & ERP operators

Hedge funds

Talent agencies

Event planners

Digital marketing and sales companies

Law and legal firms

Non-profits & Charities

Insurers & Underwriters

Customer support teams

Business consulting companies

Software and IT providers

Educational and coaching firms

Accounting & Finance organizations

Public relations and governmental organizations

Real estate services

Improve customer satisfaction and foster efficient workflows with TEAM’s user-centric IT support

A man in an office wearing a headset, providing IT support for office administration tasks.

Whether it’s personnel hiring and placement software development or automation solutions for office administration, companies like yours must be ready to adapt and adjust quickly. So, you should plan your digitalization strategically by putting IT in the spotlight to combat modern challenges in collaboration with customers, cross-team communication, and service delivery. Align your growth and tech goals to meet employees’ and customers’ needs with TEAM International’s best-in-class technologies and practices that future-proof your business. Entrust us to manage your IT efficiently and cost-effectively while you focus on unlocking new value streams.

Advanced IT engineering and managed cybersecurity for business services companies

Cloud infrastructure management for business services

Get skillful managed IT support and tailored cloud strategies to scale operations quickly, cut costs, and boost operational efficiency.

  • Database Administration
  • Cloud Migration
  • Patching & Server Maintenance
  • DevOps
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service

Cloud infrastructure management for business services

Robotic and cognitive automation

Deliver holistic experiences to your clients or colleagues through AI and ML-powered business process optimization.

  • NLP & RPA
  • Training automation platforms
  • Generative AI
  • Bots and virtual assistants
  • Intelligent staffing automation

Robotic and cognitive automation

Custom software development

Tame sophisticated technologies, from concept shaping to full-scale release, with end-to-end support and a tailored approach.

  • Web, mobile, and desktop software
  • SaaS & Embedded development
  • ESG solutions
  • IoT & Connectivity
  • Legacy tech modernization

Custom software development

Business services data management solutions

Leverage our out-of-the-box data solutions to embrace informed decision-making and improve your outcomes.

  • Predictive big data analytics
  • Warehouses, lakes, and storages
  • Data backup
  • Business intelligence
  • Interactive user and admin dashboards

Business services data management solutions

Digital workplaces

Enable your employees to collaborate and deliver effectively with turnkey tech tools that foster innovative remote work and boost creativity anywhere, anytime.

  • Modern workplace implementation and security
  • Azure & Windows solutions
  • Microsoft 365 integration and setup
  • Remote employee monitoring
  • Collaboration and communication software

Digital workplaces

Business applications

Apply the right tech solutions to eliminate downtimes in operations, maximize your competitive edge, and facilitate easy management.

  • Dynamics 365 and Google Workspace
  • ERP, CRM & HRM portals
  • 3D printing software
  • VR & AR
  • ECAD, DMS & ECM systems

Business applications

Security services and software quality testing

Stay vigilant to prevent cyber threats and improve compliance with an ISO 27001-certified partner.

  • Incident response and resolution
  • Security frameworks
  • Threat intelligence & Risk mitigation
  • Penetration testing
  • Data protection and governance

Security services and software quality testing

Business services digital transformation strategy

Elaborate tactical product lifecycle management strategies and IT ROI optimization roadmaps to drive smarter digitalization.

  • Team augmentation
  • IT relocation
  • Software licensing, setup, and upgrades
  • Risk assessment
  • System health checks & Integrations

Business services digital transformation strategy

  • And we have more!
  • Check out TEAM’s entire service portfolio
  • and redefine your industry with the right strategic partner.

Make your IT easily manageable with a cost-conscious budget and predictable deliverables

Whether you provide consulting in legal, risk, and compliance management or help clients with marketing, employee hiring and training, real estate procurement, and outsourced IT activities, we know how to boost your performance. With over 20 years of expertise, TEAM prides itself on providing you with 360-degree services that relieve you from stressful partnerships with dozens of vendors. From architecting, integration, and cloud managed cybersecurity solutions to planning, design, and development, we’re your single source of innovation. Our professional dedicated teams will discover new opportunities for your company across the full spectrum of technologies.

Workplace management software

M&A migration support

Marketing & Sales apps

Talent sourcing platforms

Communication tools

Workplace security

Virtualization platforms

RPA integration

Intranet systems

Smart facility management apps

Data centers

Custom web portals

Cloud architecture and infrastructure

Educational & Training systems

Employee self-service portals

Expand your markets and grow your audience with TEAM Studios’ cloud, data analytics, and UI/UX project-based packages.

TEAM International’s IT managed solutions for business services: Your benefits

As a leading digital transformation company, we equip you with the best-fit tools and talents, proven processes, and leading industry practices to unlock your unlimited business growth. TEAM understands your challenges and optimizes IT provisioning to achieve results beyond your expectations. Rest assured, you’ll get the most efficient advice for any scenario your company faces. Leverage our fast and affordable tech services to increase productivity while saving effort. Run your business—and we’ll run your IT.

What we offer as your tech partner

1500+ employees

HIPAA, GDPR compliance policies

Official partnerships with AWS, Microsoft, and UiPath

10 global locations with ISO/IEC 27001 certification

24/7/365 customer support

4.5 years average customer retention

Get the maximum value for money with our pioneering IT solutions.

Why becoming tech-savvy with TEAM is a great idea

We follow a holistic approach to your tech ecosystems. At TEAM, your organization gets the attention it deserves and comprehensive assistance that caters to its needs. Design digital-first workplaces, predict future market trends, and safeguard your business-critical networks using our relevant software tools and expert consulting.

  • Secure IT infrastructures. Cloud automation. Data analysis.
  • Proactive maintenance. What else is there?

Rapid response and incident resolution

30% cost reduction and 50% IT efficiency boost

Maximized ROI due to fully remote operations

Robust data protection and risk management

Unparalleled access to the global talent pool

Prompt integration of IoT, AI, and ML-based technologies

3 business-focused pricing plans for Cloud Managed Services 

Goal-oriented and people-driven tech services

Compliance with all laws and regulations

Check out our Success Stories to get inspired

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Your business needs + Our solutions = Your success. Let’s achieve it together!