TEAM Data Studio: Unleash the power of data and AI to boost your market value

Redefining data management services to unlock innovative revenue streams you didn’t even know were available

TEAM Data Studio plays a pivotal role in helping your organization use data correctly to make informed decisions, drive business growth, and gain a competitive edge.

Our data and analytics squad is led by data scientists and engineers with 12+ years of hands-on expertise in the information field. Studio experts focus specifically on holistic data management services, analytics, business intelligence, and IT consulting. Our core competencies cover areas like data transformation, enterprise IT architecture, financial performance improvement, DMaaS, and risk management. And much more—dive deeper into the piles of gold that your data is with TEAM Data Studio.

What you get with TEAM International’s Studio: 360-degree analytics and data engineering services

We transform your raw data into actionable analytics and embedded BI for SaaS to improve the bottom line, using automation-powered self-service data management, mining, and modeling techniques. With a proven track record in data-heavy projects, TEAM Data Studio has a keen understanding of what value secure data storage solutions bring to your business. As one of the best big data analytics companies, TEAM International has all the necessary skills, expertise, and platform-specific knowledge. It enables us to get to the root of your data problems, spot risks and opportunities, recommend, and act accordingly.

Essential functions and data management services our Data Studio can handle for you

Data collection, documentation, and integration

Collect, aggregate, and integrate data from various sources within and outside your company. Process data types from databases, apps, IoT devices, external APIs, and more. Maintain documentation on data sources, dictionaries, and lineage.

Data collection, documentation, and integration

Warehousing and Data Storage as a Service

Leverage our data storage solutions and data lake services to store any volumes of structured and unstructured data efficiently and cost-effectively. Boost data quality, observability, and integrity.

Warehousing and Data Storage as a Service

Data modeling

Create data models and schemas for efficient retrieval and analysis by designing tables, identifying relationships, and optimizing queries. Visualize your entire information system or its parts to monitor connections between data points and structures.

Data modeling

Data transformation

Discover automated data cleansing to sort, preprocess, and transform your information into digestible sets for proper analysis. Benefit from our proven AI frameworks and data catalog service for systematization, normalization, and enrichment.

Data transformation

Self-service business intelligence (BI)

Develop dashboards, reports, and interactive data visualization to provide actionable insights for your business growth. Implement the best BI tools, like Tableau and Power BI, or create your own custom digital solutions.

Self-service business intelligence (BI)

Advanced analytics

Implement advanced analytic techniques, including iPaaS data integration, ML, and AI, to uncover patterns, trends, and predictive insights in the data you collect across your operations.

Advanced analytics

Data governance, access, and security

Enforce data governance policies that comply with all modern regulations (e.g., GDPR, HIPAA). Develop tailored information privacy frameworks and secure cloud storage for business operations to ensure your data is accessible to authorized users only.

Data governance, access, and security

Data strategy and monetization

Define a data strategy aligned with the company's overall business goals. Discover monetization opportunities by determining what data is valuable and how you can leverage it for a competitive advantage.

Data strategy and monetization

Performance optimization

Opt for our data backup solutions and big data consulting services to continuously monitor and optimize data systems for performance and scalability. Ensure that your data processing is efficient and cost-effective.

Performance optimization

Looking for ways to turn your data streaming analytics into monetization strategies? We can do this, too. Just hit the button.

TEAM International Studio’s approach to data engineering services

We aim to help you navigate the data landscape with out-of-the-box data service packages. Whether you need to collect, organize, or analyze vast amounts of information, our goal is to accelerate the process and optimize your operating costs. With our experts' information-focused solutions and data encryption services, you'll better understand your clients and improve your product offerings through more intelligent strategic decisions.

Data Studio brings value and expertise to your business by providing data storage and management services based on a clearly outlined strategy:



Address all data security and compliance concerns upfront.


Proven expertise

Provide you with a skilled and diverse data team.


Agility and speed

Be ready to join your project from day one.


Safety at the center of it all

Address all data security and compliance concerns upfront.


No one-size-fits-all approach

Customize all provided solutions to hit your business targets.


Flexibility and adaptability

Remain highly flexible and collaborative throughout the entire project.


Quality of service

Maintain all KPIs and metrics to measure success and delivery progress.


Performance monitoring

Continuously evaluate our performance and act on improving it.


Research and development

Stay abreast of the latest data and analytics trends to innovate efficiently.


Guidance and learning curve

Provide knowledge transfer and further support.

Our partnerships and certifications

Our core tech stack

  • Whether you seek digital archiving services or need a team of experts
  • who will provide data quality management solutions, TEAM Data Studio is your go-to partner.

Why should you outsource data management services to TEAM Data Studio?

From data loss prevention for small businesses to data integration with advanced analytics and reporting for large enterprises, we are committed to turning your data into a valuable asset in the most productive manner.

Your in-house roles we cover with Data Studio’s on-demand services

Database Administrators

Data Analysts

Big Data Engineers

ML engineers

Solution Architects

DevOps & System Admins

Data Engineers & Scientists

Data Architects

BIs & Business Analysts

Data Directors

Manual and Automation QA Engineers

Backend Developers

We guarantee you will get new opportunities to develop your business with TEAM International

Cost-effective and efficient data services

Extensive domain expertise

Proficiency in all the best data management tools and technologies

Data training and education support for your internal teams

Ongoing support and maintenance

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified delivery centers

On-demand team scalability

10 delivery centers globally

Follow the sun model

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Harness the actionable insights hidden in your data to drive better business outcomes with TEAM Data Studio.