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Save up to 60% of costs and 90% of time with cutting-edge automation

With the incredible capabilities AI and RPA grant your company, you’ll be unstoppable in your business growth.

Stay ahead of competitors with TEAM’s innovative and efficient tech solutions spanning across robotic process automation, generative AI, and custom natural language processing models. We know how to help you leverage intelligent automation in the most effective way that will enable your employees to spend more time and energy on strategic work that adds value to your bottom line. Start expanding your operations while we handle every puzzle piece of your enterprise automation.

  • Systems integration
  • Reporting
  • L1 technical support
  • Regular diagnostics
  • Software installation
  • Database backup
  • Data migration
  • Duplicates checking
  • Internal requests processing
  • Password reset
Two individuals collaborating on a computer screen, engaged in intelligent automation and RPA.

Simplify and speed up your automation journey with the right support TEAM

Partner with TEAM International to plan, pilot, optimize, and scale intelligent process automation seamlessly and cost-efficiently. We provide the full suite of expert guidance, skilled talents, proven processes, and industry-leading technologies needed to realize the cost-saving and revenue-driving benefits of RPA quickly and seamlessly.





Ride the wave! With TEAM International’s intelligent automation consulting, the future is just within reach.

Enhance your decision-making with AI and ML technologies

The advantages of automation transcend mere procedural efficiency

Through automated decision-making, your organization can leverage previously untapped sources of information and unlock valuable insights across your entire operation. Take advantage of automation-enabled data management to accelerate your time to market and predict clients’ needs.

Automation redefines decision-making through innovations in:

Data processing and analysis

Get valuable and actionable business insights on time with automated tools that have the power to process big data sets, both structured and unstructured, in seconds.

Illustration of a person analyzing data on a computer screen.

Data processing and analysis

Real-time information

Automate data-gathering procedures to acquire a constant stream of information on your operations. Catalyze quicker responses with real-time insights.

Two individuals engrossed in their devices, accessing real-time information through phones and laptops.

Real-time information

Reporting accuracy

Improve data cleansing and drastically reduce errors associated with manual information processing. Capitalize on report automation to ensure your organization works with the most reliable data.

A man in a warehouse holding a tablet computer, ensuring reporting accuracy.

Reporting accuracy

Risk management

Enhance your risk management through non-stop monitoring powered by AI and implement proactive measures based on automatically collected insights.

A man in a suit writing on a paper, focusing on risk management.

Risk management

Continuous monitoring

Ensure the continuity of operations across all your business lines with automated systems that continuously monitor the outcomes of decisions and learn from the results to adjust their algorithms accordingly.

A man sitting at a desk with multiple computer screens, engaged in continuous monitoring

Continuous monitoring

AI & ML integration

Automate intelligently with enhanced AI and machine learning models custom-designed for your internal IT systems to enable more sophisticated decision-making processes.

A hand pointing at a digital data screen displaying AI and ML integration.

AI & ML integration

TEAM's intelligent enterprise automation solutions: The key gearwheel for your successful development

With their vast transformative potential, our business process automation services hold the key to your organization’s development. Seize your benefits!

Stellar communication

Our nearshore locations, 100% English-speaking teams, and fully transparent communication eliminate the traditional road bumps of working with IT service providers.

Customer-centric approaches

Our experts develop custom automation solutions that fully meet your specific business needs in the most cost-effective way.

Reliability and brand reputation

As an ISO 27001-certified company, we have robust systems and safeguards to ensure your data and applications are protected against security threats 24/7.

Long-term partnerships

With TEAM, you get a dedicated, long-term partner that understands your business processes, gets to know your team, and truly commits to transforming your vision into reality.

Limitless flexibility and scalability

Our highly qualified project managers, business analysts, solution architects, and engineers can solve your most complex challenges, while you can scale your project up or down on-demand.

Automate the way to your next business milestone with a trusted partner!

RPA governance: Covering the basics of automation is essential

Ensure your RPA processes run as a well-oiled machine by aligning your business goals with tailored policies, procedures, and standards.

A hand reaching out to touch a glowing network, symbolizing the connection and control of RPA governance.

Various elements must dance in perfect sync for an effective RPA Implementation. It’s a puzzle where risk management, regulatory compliance, and vendor management are just a few of the pieces that must be carefully placed in their rightful positions.

Each factor plays a vital role, and when they come together, they form the foundation for a robust and effective RPA strategy. It’s a daunting task, but we know how to get the most out of your RPA deployment.

Let TEAM International guide you through the complex landscape of RPA implementation, and watch your organization thrive!

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