TEAM International’s cloud managed services that unleash your business efficiency

Simplifyig your operations, optimizing performance, and saving costs is effortless with our Cloud Managed Solutions

End-to-end cloud service management that secures your resilient growth

We want you to focus on what you do best—expanding your operations and maximizing value for money. And who says scaling up must be a challenge? Let TEAM International handle your cloud service optimization needs while you concentrate on achieving unprecedented success. From DevOps optimization and database management to Managed Cloud Security, our elite cloud solution implementation experts will get you to that success. Tap into TEAM’s robust, proven, and precise cloud optimization services for your enterprise growth to skyrocket.

Cloud development and innovation

  • Cloud integration solutions for efficiency boost
  • From-scratch solution architecture development
  • Hybrid cloud management solutions
  • Enterprise IT and edge networks
  • Cloud service optimizations
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Cloud maintenance and support

  • Cloud consulting services
  • Downtime reduction and Disaster Recovery as a Service
  • 3rd-party tools integration
  • Incident response and resolution
  • Cloud and DevOps automation
Image of a cloud and a computer, representing cloud services.

Cloud migration and integration

  • Managed cloud hosting with data backup
  • Planning, execution, and post-migration support
  • Managed cloud security services for 4-layer infrastructure
  • Data migration and validation
  • Cloud governance solutions for compliance
A man and woman engaged in a conversation about cloud migration while viewing a laptop

Serverless computing

  • Transition roadmaps
  • Design and deployment of serverless apps
  • Serverless architectures
  • Database Administration as a Service
  • Integration with custom cloud platform services
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E-commerce solutions

  • E-commerce cloud infrastructure services
  • Secure payment gateways
  • Scalable and flexible architectures
  • Responsiveness and user experience enhancements
  • Integration with legacy systems and unification of workflows
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But that’s not all!

Check our project-based Cloud Studio packages to optimize your costs and streamline workflows.

Cloud managed services sets: Managing your IT workloads is now easier than ever

We know flexibility is essential. So, just pick the cloud package that suits your organization.

We combine over 15 years of knowledge in digital operations with industry-leading technologies to increase your IT efficiency by up to 50 percent and reduce operating costs by up to 30 percent. Get the most out of your virtual assets with TEAM’s cloud optimization services for your enterprise needs and our secure cloud infrastructure management solutions that save you from IT struggles. Let your business run efficiently around the clock.

We deliver projects of any complexity and co-innovate reliable tech solutions that ensure your success:

Client Support

  • Leverage our decades of knowledge to eliminate downtimes in your infrastructure.
  • 1st line client support via phone, help desk, email, chat, and ticket systems
  • Up to 24/7/365 coverage
  • Default support language: English
  • Custom support languages per request
  • Collaboration with a tech team until case resolution
  • Communication with a client until case resolution
A man and woman in business attire looking at a tablet, discussing cloud studio client support

Client Support

Internal IT Support

  • Engage our enterprise cloud management specialists to help your teams focus on what matters.
  • Remote support of employees and workstations
  • Internal software support
  • MS Active Directory Management
  • Support of MS Office365
  • Workstations security
  • Network management
A man in an orange sweatshirt conversing with another man about cloud management internal IT support

Internal IT Support

Technical Support

  • Rely on innovative tech solutions that will meet and even exceed your expectations.
  • Infrastructure cost analysis and optimization
  • Backup system implementation and backups validation
  • Automated event handlers on monitoring alerts
  • Up to 24/7 technical support via Service Desk
  • L1/L2 remote support of employees
  • Incident management IT infrastructure and cloud account security (Azure Security Center/AWS Security Hub)
Cloud managed solutions technical support team assisting customers remotely

Technical Support

DevOps as a Service

  • Benefit from our cloud performance optimization strategies to foster rapid corporate growth.
  • Solutions Architecture and Infrastructure improvements
  • IT infrastructure migration (Cloud, Cross-Cloud, On-prem to Cloud, Cloud to On-prem, On-prem)
  • CI/CD Implementation and support
  • Custom PoC implementation
  • Infrastructure as a Code
  • Kubernetes
  • Automation of system configuration
  • L3 on-call support
A man in a yellow shirt working on a computer, focusing on cloud management DevOps as a service

DevOps as a Service

Platform Engineering

  • Get a holistic package with the best of these four combined in one offering. 
  • Contact us today for more detailed information or request a quote.
A man in a purple shirt works on cloud solutions platform engineering, holding a tablet

Platform Engineering

Our cloud resource management experts are eager to learn about your unique challenges.

Best cloud managed services for small businesses and enterprises alike: TEAM International’s pricing plans

Optimize your IT costs with our cloud managed services designed for your growth

Master cloud’s breathtaking capabilities with our TEAM’s cloud platform services that boost scalability and seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure via a suite of top-tier tools. We’re ready to transform your business in the blink of an eye.

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  • We assign two lead specialists as your project contact points.
  • TEAM cooperates with you on deliverables.
  • Additional specialists are assigned upon your request.
  • Project tools are provided either by TEAM or you.​
  • TEAM can suggest process modifications, yet you make a final decision.​
  • Full access to the diverse skills and expertise of TEAM Cloud Services is available to you when needed.
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  • We adapt to your processes.
  • TEAM uses your tools.
  • We assign two lead specialists as your project contact points.​ TEAM PM manages all specialists.
  • Our managers oversee deliverables from TEAM’s engineering team.
  • ​Specialists can be assigned on-demand or 100% dedicated to your project.​
  • Full access to the diverse skills and expertise of TEAM Cloud Services is available to you up to 24/7.
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  • We handle IT department governance, strategy, and roadmap.
  • TEAM provides vendor management, on-site workshops, and infrastructure inventory.
  • TEAM’s PM, Tech Lead, and all specialists are 100% dedicated to your project.
  • We implement the best-in-class tools, processes, workflows, and industry-leading practices according to PMP and ITIL v4.
  • ​Full access to the diverse skills and expertise of TEAM Cloud Services is available to you 24/7.
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    We also offer hybrid cloud management solutions, endlessly customizable for any industry and handled by elite global talent.

    Our cloud infrastructure optimization techniques = Your proven business benefits

    TEAM International’s client-centric approach: Your goals are our North Star

    Our commitment to your success is unwavering and adamant. Whatever challenges you face, as one of the most comprehensive cloud solution providers, TEAM guarantees you will achieve peak cloud efficiency without compromising your business continuity.

    Up to 50% increase in IT efficiency

    Market’s best application release approach

    Up to 30% reduction in operating costs

    Reduction of hotfixes in your ETL/ELT processes

    Up to 100% automation of application release

    Comprehensive infrastructure support and intelligent analytics

    Up to 100% automation of Infrastructure as a Code

    10 ISO/IEC 27001 certified delivery centers

    Up to 100% reduction in operating costs

    24/7 support is at your fingertips with TEAM’s always available experts who ensure smooth operations and deliver consistent, transformative value. We’ll make sure you achieve your business milestones no matter what.

    Beyond cloud consulting for business growth: Why we're your partner in innovation

    With a TEAM of cloud infrastructure services champions, measurable results are guaranteed.

    Why choose TEAM International if you need cloud transformation services for businesses?


    Process optimization and the right-sized team to manage your workloads.

    A diverse team in an office intently observing a computer screen, engaged in a collaborative work environment.



    Quality control team and processes that improve QA and speed of task processing.

    A diverse team of professionals diligently working on their laptops in a collaborative environment.



    Self-education policy where L2 engineers learn how to offload L3 teams from escalations, and L3 team learn how to make environments even more efficient by implementing the latest tools and best practices.

    A couple attentively viewing content on a computer screen.



    Security controls that keep your data safe.

    A man sitting at a desk in a data center, focused on cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive information.



    Business continuity plans that ensure your business runs round-the-clock regardless of weather conditions or political situations.

    A man and woman looking at a tablet together.



    Up to 24/7/365 coverage with high-quality management and leadership.

    A man with glasses and a headset talking on the phone.



    Limitless team scalability regardless of the geo-location aspect.

     A man focused on a computer screen displaying lines of code.



    The best-in-class reporting systems provide access to robust analytics that boost the team’s efficiency.

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    Knowledge base development for when new/unknown areas are uncovered.

    Three people sitting at a table, engrossed in their work on a laptop.


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