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Technology, Media, and Telecommunications

Apply forward-thinking approaches and the right technologies to propel the ever-developing sector to the next frontier. Stay ahead of your competition, securing business continuity with growth-oriented digitalization solutions from industry experts.

Healthcare & Wellness

Implement HIPAA complaint and value-driven digital strategies and software solutions that boost innovations across the entire healthcare sector. Use our deep tech and domain expertise to save lives more efficiently, delivering better health outcomes.

Finances & Banking

Transform your manual-heavy daily workflows into modern data-driven operations supported by automation, analytics, and data security. Optimize operational costs with efficient, scalable, and revolutionary BFSI software that meets your business goals.

Travel and Hospitality

Deliver the best digital customer experience to your guests and visitors. Redefine your business to attract new target audiences and boost revenue. Partner with us to modernize your legacy systems or create ultramodern B2B and B2C portals from scratch.

Retail & Distribution

Create cutting-edge IT products to manage your business operations and drive consumer loyalty worldwide seamlessly. Erase any constraints that stop you from efficient growth with AI and data-powered digital solutions from TEAM.

Logistics and Transportation

Accelerate your business digitalization with future-focused data engineering, modern frameworks, and Industry 4.0 technologies. Streamline logistics operations, automate supply chain management, and improve asset efficiency while reducing your OPEX.

Business Services

Embrace informed decision-making and enable predictive data analysis to manage continuous disruptions and enhance business efficiency proactively. From advanced cloud infrastructures to custom enterprise and payroll platforms, we build it all.


It’s not the full list, so don’t close this page just yet. We work across all market niches—there are too many of them. So, message us your project details. We’re ready to take on your challenges!

TEAM Studios

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We know the business world inside and out, so we value your time—every executive’s most valuable resource—and care about your success. So, TEAM offers three flexible cooperation models designed to meet you in the middle and ensure the best results for your organization.

When you become our partner, you get a holistic customer experience that inspires you to redefine your business, grow, and come back for more. From on-demand resource scalability to 24/7 client support, we got your back!

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Digital Engineering

  • Best suited for agile projects and changing scope
  • TEAM drives the development
  • Hourly rate-based pricing plan
Digital Engineering

Dedicated Delivery Team

  • A remote tech unit that works as an extension of your company; you drive the development
  • You can personally interview and approve all team members
  • Monthly budget for agreed team structure with no overhead fees
Dedicated Delivery Team

Cloud Management

  • On-demand support and management for your IT infrastructure
  • Certified Azure, Sun, Oracle, and AWS experts
  • Server-based monthly pricing plans (Light, Business, Enterprise)
Cloud Managed Services

We know how to make technologies work for your business and clients.

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