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Without software quality assurance, innovation is risky, and you’ll never get a second chance for a first impression. Today, customers will take about ten seconds to make up their minds about your digital product. And if they don’t like what they see, they’ll move on. The good news is that proper QA and testing services prevent errors in your software and ensure an outstanding user experience. It's the critical step to ensuring your IT solution's reliability, functionality, and overall success. So, it’s time to propel your business forward with TEAM International as your software QA partner.

Leverage our 20+ years of expertise in all types of automated and manual testing:


Rest easy knowing your apps are running smoothly and reliably by verifying the performance of every feature and function.


Optimize your software with meticulous evaluations of its responsiveness and certify it up to current standards.


Pinpoint trouble areas and make them a thing of the past to align your app with the latest benchmarks for intuitive UX/UI design.


Guarantee your system’s cohesive functioning and eliminate compatibility issues to ensure seamless harmony between software components.


Safeguard the integrity of your codebase and evolve your apps without setbacks, securing progress and reliability.


Enable your system to function flawlessly on any device, browser, or operating system to provide your users with steadfast performance across all environments.


Elevate your platform’s inclusivity and leave no user behind by translating accessibility to unwavering loyalty.


Prevent cyberthreats with our rigorous security testing to transform your systems into impenetrable fortresses.

Need more? Benefit from TEAM’s comprehensive project-based service packages

What do you get with TEAM International’s QA and testing services? 360-degree QA experience!

What makes us stand out among other software testing companies is that our elite manual and automation QA talents will:

A team of professionals conducting manual software testing while sitting on couches in an office


  • Assess your organization’s unique needs in the field of automated and manual software testing
  • Apply the best practices and our industry-specific experience
  • Engage with stakeholders to identify expectations and challenges
  • Woman working on whiteboard with focus on software testing solutions


  • Thoroughly evaluate your existing development lifecycle and QA flows
  • Craft solutions for all detected inefficiencies and bottlenecks
  • Delve into performance metrics to establish benchmarks and data-driven insights
  • A diverse team of professionals working on computers in an office at a software testing company.


  • Integrate tailor-made testing processes throughout the development cycle
  • Create QA frameworks to ensure consistent and effective application of testing initiatives
  • Train your internal teams on advanced automated software testing solutions and techniques
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    Catering to your every tech and business need with an individual approach and industry-leading solutions

    QA consulting and audit

    Enable your QA systems to generate transformative results by implementing custom testing frameworks that eliminate ambiguity and deliver consistency. Let us ensure your scripts remain scalable, reusable, and adaptable.

    A man in a suit stands before a large screen displaying "qa consulting and audit"

    QA consulting and audit

    Test & QA automation

    Save hours on repetitive tasks leveraging the latest QA automation techniques for ~30% efficiency gains. Use our advanced, context-agnostic automated software testing solutions to accelerate testing flows without jeopardizing business continuity.

    A man in an office diligently working on a computer, focusing on test and QA automation.

    Test & QA automation

    On-demand testing services

    Use our help when required-for any platform you’re working on. Get end-to-end software quality assurance that safeguards optimal performance across all possible environments, from IoT, data warehouses, and cloud to SaaS, mobile, web, or desktop.

    A woman sits at a computer, conducting on demand software testing services

    On-demand testing services

    Legacy IT testing and support

    Embrace the future while preserving the strength of your legacy systems. Apply TEAM’s proven QA practices to breathe new life into your time-tested applications, keeping them robust, secure, and aligned with contemporary business demands.

    A person working on a computer, testing and supporting legacy IT systems

    Legacy IT testing and support

    Choose confidence. Choose reliability. Choose TEAM International.

    Assuring quality with TEAM’s expertise in comprehensive QA testing: Your top 5 benefits

    Partner with us and level up your software with full-spectrum QA testing solutions to ensure business resilience 

    Leading software testing and QA practices have become an industry standard for a reason. No matter how good your development process is, we promise there's always room for improvement. As a custom QA testing services provider, we ensure quality only with the best practices in automated software testing and efficient manual software testing strategies. So, seize your chance to get the best results with TEAM International, your strategic software testing company.


    We use innovative manual testing approaches and optimized automated testing frameworks that provide structure and reduce time-consuming tasks to speed up your QA cycle without sacrificing standards.

    A man in a red shirt focused on multiple computer screens



    TEAM applies efficient and proven QA testing strategies to secure high engagement and low churn with refined UX that guarantees the elusive “stickiness” and makes users return to your software.

    Group of three individuals collaborating.



    We’re ready to help you extract valuable performance metrics throughout your development lifecycle to transform them into data-driven insights that will lead to clear and confident decision-making.

    Group of three individuals huddled around a smart device, captivated by what they see on the screen



    With 20+ years of experience in top-rated software QA consultancy, we leverage our industry-leading knowledge to craft intricate end-to-end software testing and QA solutions tailored to your unique business objectives.

    A man presenting on a screen.



    Our professionals use nothing but the latest tools, exclusive frameworks, and effective QA testing processes to ensure your competitive edge in a fast-paced tech landscape.

    Female software engineer examining laptop


    Our engineers possess in-depth software testing and QA expertise. And it's through their hard work that we uphold and renew our standards of excellence in every project.

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