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We use real-time product analytics and user-centric visuals to take your brand to the next level

TEAM International’s Design Studio works on product design and analytics, UX/UI solutions, and graphics. We provide a full range of business-oriented user interface design and interaction development activities that serve your financial purposes. Our UI/UX designers appeal to accurate data discovered through advanced product analytics to help you define problematic metrics and their dependencies, prioritize product enhancement tasks, and maximize the efficiency time for your customers.

Get holistic user experience design services from the top UI/UX design agency

Statistical analysis is the most concrete way to define а clear product usage vision and exclude vague assumptions from the design process. So, we operate only based on facts. When our UI/UX designers get the numbers from product analytics, their connection to issues, and their impact on your profits, we offer reasonable UX development and informational architecture solutions that bring value to your business. With powerful customer interface design and user experiences from TEAM Design Studio, you will instantly capture people's attention.

From wireframes to pixel-perfect interfaces, our comprehensive UI/UX services include:

System design audit

  • Design quality analysis for live or in-development software
  • Identification of unsatisfying product usability metrics
System design audit

Product analytics services

  • Data-based assessment of what’s going on with your software usage
  • Continuous monitoring of business-focused metrics
Product analytics services

UI/UX audit

  • Visual and accessibility troubleshooting for legacy UI/UX
  • Usability analysis for released software
  • UI and UX consulting services
UI/UX audit

UI/UX design services and enhancement

  • UI redesign for released software to actualize or improve it
  • UI/UX services for your pre-release stage
  • Usability best practices and methodologies for all product development stages
UI/UX design services and enhancement

Product analytics support

  • Validation of the general product development vision
  • Assistance with setting up a product strategy and key metrics
  • Customer journey analysis
Product analytics support

Product analytics setting

  • Goal-oriented alinement of analytics software with corporate dashboards
  • Dashboard setup to show the most valuable and reasonable data
  • Data processing automation
Product analytics setting

App design agency’s center of excellence

  • UI/UX team leadership and guidance
  • Process development for your in-house team
  • Employee software training automation
App design agency’s center of excellence

Make your brand accessible and attractive with an analytic-driven UX/UI design agency  that knows how to boost customer satisfaction score.

Not your usual UI/UX design firm. Our approach is a blend of creativity and strategy!

As a modern UI and UX design agency, TEAM International offers a brand-new approach to on-demand mobile app and web design outsourcing. We empower you to discover and merge the known figures of your UI/UX design metrics to pinpoint the exact issues in your product’s functionality and user journey. Then, we fix it all together to daze your clients with outstanding visuals that enable their confidence.

This is what you can expect when you outsource UX/UI design services to TEAM International:

Key deliverables you get with TEAM International as your mobile app and web design agency:

Profitable UI

Customer-centric UX

Scalable informational architecture

Heuristic analytics documentation

Pain metrics to work around

List of issues

List of tasks outcoming from identified issues

Predictable benefits upon tasks’ completion

Tasks prioritized by value

Traceable work results

Looking for SaaS UI/UX design solutions or want to impress your customers with mind-blowing augmented reality UI design innovations? We’re here to deliver.

Collaborating with TEAM International’s Design Studio: Your business benefits

You receive а clear vision of your software interaction performance, with all the causes and effects. Also, you get a tailored action plan to change the effects of the specified causes with an appropriate influence. But there is so much more.

More than just user interface design—we deliver actionable results.

#1 Higher retention rate

We develop software that leaves a positive visual and emotional impact, convincing your users to return.

#1 Higher retention rate

Specific profitable metric(s)

Based on the defined problematic metrics, we enhance interface components and scenarios logically connected to them. You can also specify the exact metrics yourself, and our team will work around them.

Specific profitable metric(s)

Impressive customer satisfaction score

Our solutions are always clean, well-organized, and robust, which increases your customers’ loyalty.

Impressive customer satisfaction score

Better conversion rate

Design Studio delivers great visuals that inspire confidence in your customers.

Better conversion rate

Elevated net promoter score

Consumers favor and tend to recommend likable products, so that's what we're keen on delivering.

Elevated net promoter score

Improved system usability scale

You get a product with accessible UI that compliments outstanding UX.

Improved system usability scale

Lower bounce rate

We boost your pages and apps' load time to improve their attention-grabbing abilities.

Lower bounce rate

Reduced training spend per employee

TEAM Design Studio can fully automate software training for your in-house team to save you time and money.

Reduced training spend per employee

Fewer human errors

We build UX systems that guard your software against misclicks, misunderstandings, or unintentional workflow violations.

Fewer human errors

Why is TEAM International the perfect UI/UX design agency for your project?

The answer is simple—out talent. These brightest global minds will exceed your expectations.


English speakers


university-educated IT professionals with an engineering mindset


have experience of working for overseas companies


have advanced college degrees (MA+ and PhDs)


have been working in the tech industry for 5+ years


are certified and awarded by Microsoft, AWS, Sun, Oracle, and more.


have visited customers on-site abroad


are certified experts (Scrum Master, Agile, ISTQB, MS, Solutions Architect, and others)

Industries that outsource UX/UI design services to TEAM International

Technology, Media, and Telecommunications

  • UX design for startups and enterprises
  • Mobile UI/UX design for TMT apps
  • Interface and UX design for SaaS platforms

Healthcare & Wellness

  • Medical app UI and UX concept
  • Fitness app UI/UX
  • Healthcare software desktop and web UX design


  • Transportation app UI/UX design
  • User experience design for delivery platforms
  • Driver and admin apps UI

Retail & Distribution

  • E-commerce website UX design
  • Retail app UI development
  • Web design outsourcing services

Travel and Hospitality

  • Travel booking app UI/UX design
  • User interface design for vacation rental platforms
  • Facility management app design and enhancement

Finances & Banking

  • Fintech app UI/UX design and audit
  • User interface design for online banking platforms
  • Banking app UI/UX design

Business Services

  • Enterprise UX design for intranet portals
  • Task management app UI
  • Product design analytics for business infrastructure systems

  • Don’t see your niche here? No worries.
  • TEAM International delivers exceptional UI/UX design services for every customer.
  • Other TEAM Studios are waiting for your challenges

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    Data Technology

    Capitalize on data monetization strategies, boost productivity with data management automation, and foster intelligent, analytics-powered decision-making.
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    Cloud Solutions

    Leverage cost-effective cloud management practices and the latest DevOps tools to get the most out of your virtual assets.
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