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TEAM up, scale up: Leverage our tailor-made, expertly crafted IT solutions to beat the competition

We deliver enterprise software development solutions spanning all tech stacks:

Web, Desktop & Mobile

Deliver sublime customer experience and modern functionality that stand out from the crowd, leveraging the industry-specific expertise of a leading desktop, mobile, and web application development services company.

Custom app development services - creating tailored applications to meet your unique business needs

UX/UI Design

Harness the power of expert UI/UX design for software products to increase sales, loyalty, and conversion. Get into your clients’ headspace with future-focused interfaces, extensive accessibility, and optimized user journeys.

A person working on a laptop with a design on it, providing UX UI design and consulting services.

IoT & Industry 4.0

Engage our IoT software development experts for connected devices’ integration and next-gen cyber-physical systems set up. And drive your business forward with visionary AR/VR software development solutions for immersive experiences and better outcomes.

 A woman stands in a kitchen with smart home technology.

Cloud-based application development

Create intricate IT networks and infrastructures that optimize every nook and cranny in your operations and safeguard your virtual assets with TEAM’s cloud-based software development solutions.

Cloud computing in the enterprise: Cloud-based application development for efficient and scalable business solutions

Legacy system modernization

Overhaul your apps and protect them from future disruptions using TEAM’s software maintenance and support services. Unlock the benefits of optimized systems with our CSD for legacy systems modernization.

A professional in a white shirt updates a legacy system while taking notes on a clipboard.

Blockchain tech

Build decentralized solutions that promote efficiency, transparency, and immutability throughout your entire value chain, from smart contracts to cryptocurrency exchanges. Secure your transactions with a reliable blockchain development services provider.

A person typing on a laptop computer with a network diagram, showcasing cybersecurity solutions.

Cybersecurity solutions

Safeguard your organization’s vital lifeline and win customers’ trust with rigorous cybersecurity measures and all the latest tools. Partner with TEAM for security-focused CSD solutions in the healthcare industry, banking, and others.

Illustration of data protection against cyberattacks with managed and outsourced cyber security services.

ESG solutions development

Make a difference by aligning your company’s objectives with a global sustainability agenda. Engage TEAM as your ESG software development firm and yield fantastic business results that will boost your brand reputation

A person typing on a laptop with green icons, representing ESG software solutions.

Save your time and money with TEAM’s holistic project-based service packages

Choosing a reliable CSD provider: Why is TEAM International your ideal partner?

Grow and evolve together with a bespoke software development company where your success is of the utmost importance.

Digitalization has emerged as the optimal tool to meet fast-changing customer needs in the modern business landscape that values robust and resilient operations. But regardless of how optimized, legacy IT systems eventually fall behind, and companies’ value suffers. Hence, organizations must keep abreast of all current tech advancements, whereas it’s not always possible. That’s why opting for TEAM’s custom software development services is your best path to stay ahead of the competition.

Business professionals sealing a deal with a handshake in an office, signifying collaboration.


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employees globally


English-speaking teams

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IT costs reduction

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ISO 27001

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Amazon Web Services

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A man and woman smiling at a desk, the ideal partners for software development solutions.

TEAM International guarantees you get a product that fits you and your clients

We deliver enterprise software development solutions to businesses of all sizes, leveraging the know-how to create, test, and implement your ideal digital platform. From API development services to unique UI/UX designs and everything in between—our proven software development methodologies will handle any challenge. TEAM guarantees you get a product that’s right for you and your clients.

Embracing the future of custom software development services in all its glory with a universe of emerging technologies.

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A world of innovation is just one click away!

We offer free consultations for custom software development to enterprises and startups alike

We focus on your success at every step of the journey:

We combine extensive technical knowledge, specific industry insights, and a client-centricapproach to ensure you get the most out of your IT investments. Whether you seek customweb application development services or strive to find a reliable mobile app developmentservices provider, our certified experts will help you address the most ambitious challenges.


Introductory call


NDA & DM assignment


Discovery and planning


Tailored proposal


Onsite visit (if required)


Comprehensive paperwork (SOW & MSA)


Prompt team deployment


Project kick-off


Cross-team knowledge transfer


User-centric design (prototyping and iteration)


MVP development services


Agile development and QA testing


Deployment and integration


Ongoing maintenance and support


Holistic risk management from day one

TEAM International’s CSD: Benefits for businesses

Our custom software solutions will elevate your organization

End-to-end solutions

Fragmented software pieces cause integration challenges and inefficiencies.
Holistic solutions that bestride your entire operation, seamlessly integrated and optimized for high performance.

Streamlined workflows

Awkard workflows that spread out your efforts and hinder productivity.
Quick and nimble, our streamlined workflows reduce operational bottlenecks.

Real-time analytics

Lack of timely insights and data analytics for informed decisions.
Access to real-time analytics that empowers your team with data-driven decision-making.

Compliance management

Massive hurdles due to complex regulatory frameworks lead to re-designs and operational challenges.
Robust compliance management thanks to software tailored to adhere to all industry standards and regulations.

Data management

Chaotic data collection and processing leads to information overload and data loss.
Streamlined Data Management as a Service ensures organized, accessible, and secure data storage.

Logistics optimization

Operations suffer from logistical redundancies and hidden inefficiencies.
Bottom-up re-design of digital logistics secures optimal performance across all departments.


Short-sided software products that lead to scaling issues and decrease business growth.
Unlimited scalability that allows your company to expand effortlessly without compromising continuity or functionality.

Cost savings

Cost-prohibitive IT workflows due to the overload of redundant tasks and lackluster optimization.
Significant cost savings through AI-powered automation, cloud implementation, and optimized resource utilization.
our work telenor

Empowering Telenor Denmark’s IT staff capacity with a nearshore Dedicated Development Center

our work lifestyle medicine

Over $1M saved annually by automating EHR data verification for the Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine

our work allica bank

Enhancing IT capacity and automating banking operations for Allica Bank, UK’s fast-growing fintech, having raised over £2B in customer deposits by June 2023.

Let’s build your dream software together: Request a tailored proposal for your unique tech needs.