A woman in a white shirt and hat stands in a warehouse, working on a laptop, representing tech solutions for logistics.

Transportation & Logistics technology solutions and IT consulting

Lead the change with TEAM International’s tailored digital logistics platforms for transportation operators

Revolutionizing your business with automated logistics processes and fleet management software of the future

Shippers, carriers, and logistics providers face the same challenges in their operations—highly complex tech systems to manage, cost optimization, and labor shortages. Warehousing operators also add productivity improvement and performance management to that list. And we couldn’t agree more. In the fast-paced and tech-driven landscape of logistics and transportation, your company must have the ability to quickly evolve outdated platforms and digitalize supply chains to remain competitive in the long run. For that, TEAM develops state-of-the-art AI-driven transportation solutions that reduce costs and enhance employee and customer experience.

Turnkey logistics software solutions to simplify complex management processes for your organization

Image showing freight brokers collaborating with forwarders and cargo agents for efficient shipping.

Freight brokers, forwarders, and cargo agents

Customs brokers facilitating seamless international trade, ensuring compliance and efficiency with the help of software solutions

Customs brokers

A modern fulfillment house with advanced technology for efficient logistics operations.

Fulfillment houses

Distribution firms - connecting products to customers efficiently and effectively.

Distribution firms

Tech solutions for efficient supply chain management, optimizing logistics and enhancing productivity.

Supply chain management

A delivery van with a company logo parked in front of a warehouse, ready to transport packages efficiently.
Aviation companies - tech solutions for aviation.

Aviation companies

A tablet displaying a spreadsheet with rows of product names and quantities for inventory management.

Inventory management

Digital logistics vendors showcasing their innovative solutions for efficient supply chain management.

Digital logistics vendors

Image of 3pl & app providers, offering logistics and software solutions for businesses.

3PL & 4PL providers

 A large warehouse filled with neatly stacked boxes and pallets. Forklifts are moving around, transporting goods for distribution.

Warehousing and distribution

Shippers and carriers in marine, trucking, rail, and air transportation industries.

Shippers and carriers (maritime, trucking, rail, air)

Digital platforms offering a wide range of goods for online purchase.

E-commerce organizations

A diverse group of healthcare providers in a hospital setting, including doctors, nurses, and medical staff.

Healthcare providers

A digital platform connecting logistics providers and customers, facilitating efficient and streamlined transportation services.

Logistics marketplaces

Smart logistics workflows and efficient managed cloud services for your transportation business’s growth

If revenue and change management continue to be difficult for your enterprise or you see a productivity slump across your departments, it’s time to reimagine your tech. As reputable logistics IT service providers, we bring your pain points into focus. It results in mutually beneficial cooperation and relevant transportation management systems (TMS) that solve your challenges, match your needs, and optimize your expenses. Change the way you work with a unique digital strategy for transportation companies and cutting-edge software designed to combat skills shortages, enable affordable operations, and accelerate time to market.

Businessman with tablet displaying truck on road - IT solutions for logistics and transportation.

Secure your business resilience with IT solutions for logistics that leverage user-centric UI/UX, automation, and cloud capabilities.

Transport and logistics platforms

  • Urban mobility & TMS
  • Cloud-based fleet management
  • Supply chain software development
  • Brokerage marketplaces
  • Labor management

Transport and logistics platforms

Business process automation

  • Supply, production, and shipping
  • Parcel logistics
  • Inventory tracking
  • Payments, docs, and reporting
  • Route planning and dock scheduling

Business process automation

Connectivity & IoT

  • IoT sensors & 5G
  • GPS and RFID services
  • QR codes & Beacons
  • Digital twins
  • Embedded logistics
  • ESG tracking
  • Edge processing

Connectivity & IoT

Transportation data analytics

  • Logistics data governance frameworks
  • Supply chain data integration
  • Compliance and accuracy
  • Managed data services for logistics
  • BI dashboard

Transportation data analytics

Intelligent route optimization

  • Real-time tracking & Mapping
  • Admin dashboards
  • Road infrastructure & Dispatch management
  • Plate recognition
  • Traffic analysis

Intelligent route optimization

Finances and audit

  • Order, purchase, and invoice processing
  • Payment gateways
  • 3rd-party integrations
  • Data exchange & Document digitalization
  • Resource planning

Finances and audit

Custom L&T software development

  • PoC & MVP
  • Modules customization
  • Apps and plugins
  • Manufacturing execution
  • Notifications
  • Secure authorization
  • Aviation systems

Custom L&T software development

Logistics digitalization consulting

  • Business analysis
  • Supply chain technology roadmap
  • SDLC optimization
  • Logistics QA consulting services
  • Digital risk management

Logistics digitalization consulting

Telematics and fleet management software

  • Load planning & Carrier collaboration
  • Fleet tracking and security
  • Navigation systems
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Driver behavior monitoring

Telematics and fleet management software

Inventory optimization

  • Warehouse management systems
  • Fleet allocation
  • Procurement and material tracking
  • Automated inventory management
  • Blockchain cargo verification
  • Tendering

Inventory optimization

Transportation managed IT services

  • Cloud-based data management for logistics
  • Virtual assets optimization
  • Logistics cloud migration
  • CI/CD & DevOps
  • Transportation cloud security services

Transportation managed IT services

Legacy tech modernization

  • Tailored sunset strategies
  • On-demand software support
  • Component customization
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Logistics software testing

Legacy tech modernization

Start redefining your IT with TEAM International.

Innovate relentlessly with TEAM’s outsourced IT services for transportation

We provide the global L&T market with unparalleled access to genius technologies and the best international IT talent pool. With flexible delivery models, we ensure your success no matter what obstacles you see on your way toward enterprise digitalization. Our software engineers know all the pitfalls of integrating new tracking and shipping technologies, so we come prepared with robust risk management strategies and cloud infrastructure that maximize logistics revenue. Whatever software you need, we’re ready to build it.

All-in-one L&T management software

Robotics solutions


Chatbots, PAs & Custom dashboards

Digital freight marketplaces

Reporting and invoicing platforms

Supply chain platforms

Driver & Courier apps

Routing apps

Delivery and shipping tracking apps

Payment APIs

Smart city planners

Bookkeeping systems

Order management systems

Fleet tracking and management portals

Managed IT service for logistics: Streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and ensure seamless communication with our comprehensive IT solutions.

Looking for transportation managed IT services?  TEAM Studios’ project-based service packages are precisely what you need.

TEAM International’s IT solutions for logistics and transportation: Your business benefits

A white van parked at a warehouse, representing technology solutions for logistics and transportation.

We humanize engineering services to meet you in the middle and hit your business targets. With a proven portfolio of projects for industry leaders like Coyote Logistics and Arrive Logistics, TEAM is well-equipped to be your long-term tech partner. We provide the talent bandwidth and industry expertise necessary for your company to evolve without compromising business continuity. Applying 20+ years of experience in building, launching, and maintaining software products for L&T organizations of all sizes, we guarantee no downtimes and seamless change management.

What we offer as your partners:

1500+ employees

HIPAA + GDPR compliance policies

Official partners of AWS, Microsoft and UiPath

10 global locations with ISO/IEC 27001 certification

FDA and PCI DSS practices

4.5 years of average customer retention

Reimagine your traditional logistics processes and succeed with the right TEAM.

Why digitalizing your L&T company with TEAM International is a great idea

Regardless of your goals, the right IT partner can help you deploy innovative technologies quickly and cost-effectively. We’re that partner. Our custom software solutions empower you with extensive capabilities to scale your business rapidly while addressing growing market needs with a competitive advantage. We know that in L&T, it’s all about speed and traceability. So, it’s time to ensure your digital connectivity and streamline complex operations with up-to-date transportation data analytics, automated inventory management, and cloud-based fleet management infrastructure built by a trusted TEAM.

Increased accuracy, control, and speed in all operations

Cost reduction with optimized routes, load, and resources

Fixed labor shortage issue

Stronger data protection and risk management

Improved customer experience thanks to faster delivery and 24/7 service

Ability to integrate innovative technologies like IoT, autonomous vehicles, drones, and AI

Data Management as a Service business model

Real-time management from any desktop or mobile device

Simplified compliance with dynamically changing regulations

Intuitive UI/UX design

Uniquely tailored IT strategies

Access to actionable insights that can unlock new value streams

Harness the power of digital transformation to futureproof your operations from ordering to delivery.

Our Success Stories

our work telenor

Empowering Telenor Denmark’s IT staff capacity with a nearshore Dedicated Development Center

our work lifestyle medicine

Over $1M saved annually by automating EHR data verification for the Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine

our work allica bank

Enhancing IT capacity and automating banking operations for Allica Bank, UK’s fast-growing fintech, having raised over £2B in customer deposits by June 2023.

Let’s make your transportation, warehouse, shipping, and delivery management great again. Contact our logistics industry consulting experts today!