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Wellness & Healthcare IT solutions that drive efficiency and improve care

Ensure optimum value for money for your operations with a custom healthcare software development company 

We enable you to elevate patient care and employee experience with future-focused medical data management solutions and cloud computing for healthcare.

The healthcare and life sciences industry is one of the most important in the world. Mental health startups, wellness and fitness providers, biotech R&D centers, and pharmaceutical drug research facilities are the ones that empower people to live better, healthier lives. However, reinventing the space with healthcare digital transformation is a crucial imperative that faces so many challenges. Constantly changing compliance and legal regulations; a necessity to deal with piles of structured and unstructured medical data; staff shortage; and poor employee and patient experience. But we know how to fix it.

Medical IT solutions, SaaS, and custom healthcare software development that help your business deliver meaningful impact

Time is what we must use to solve these issues and make sure IT solutions for healthcare are delivered without downtimes and drawbacks. And this is what TEAM International, a reputable medical software development firm, is here for. Leverage our 20+ years of experience in healthcare software development and HIPAA-complaint tech teams to take advantage of the power technologies like medical AI or healthcare data analytics present.

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TEAM International’s efficient healthcare IT solutions for your every goal

R&D firms

Medical device manufacturers

Biotech sector



Institutional review boards

Healthcare providers

Technology providers and developers

Contract research organizations

Pharmaceutical manufacturers and investors

Independent practitioners and clinics

Fitness and wellness companies

But this is just the beginning!

Check our project-based TEAM Studio packages to save costs and implement healthcare workflow automation efficiently.

Healthcare and digital transformation strategies: Evolve your operations with innovative patient data management and medical record automation

Whatever your goals, TEAM International is the right technology partner that will enable you to reimagine traditional service delivery with innovative healthcare automation solutions. As one of the leading medical software development companies, we provide the talent capacity, the latest approaches and tools, and the industry expertise you need to ensure business continuity, reduce risks, and solve your most critical challenges in patient data protection.

Medical software testing or healthcare IT consulting services? We have it all!

TEAM’s HIPAA-trained healthcare software developers build, support, and modernize medical apps and systems of any complexity. Our state-of-the-art healthcare IT solutions are always designed to create positive change throughout your organization and ensure advanced patient data security.

Electronic medical record displayed on laptop screen.

Enterprise intelligent automation for healthcare providers

Automate data collection, visualization, and report generation; reduce manual workflows; and optimize healthcare workflow management costs with AI- and ML-powered platforms.
Enterprise intelligent automation for healthcare providers: Streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency in healthcare operations.

Enterprise intelligent automation for healthcare providers

EHR/EMRs & Healthcare data management solutions

Streamline medical data management, processing, and verification to drive engagement, boost performance, and beat attrition with our healthcare data analytics solutions.
Comprehensive healthcare data management solutions for erms, ensuring efficient and secure information handling.

EHR/EMRs & Healthcare data management solutions

Corporate and personal healthcare software

Enable stable business growth with eHealth and wellness tools designed to engage, support, and educate your users, leveraging predictive analytics in healthcare.
Image showcasing corporate and personal healthcare software, providing comprehensive healthcare solutions.

Corporate and personal healthcare software

Security and compliance solutions

Maintain your cyber security 24/7 using our medical cloud and healthcare IT managed services that meet all regulatory and compliance requirements.
Physician showcasing digital device with security and compliance solutions

Security and compliance solutions

Clinic management platforms

Improve your care delivery efficiency and automate facility management by implementing value-bringing AI in healthcare processes to optimize workflows and collect real-time big data analytics.
Image showing a computer screen with a clinic management platform interface, displaying patient records and scheduling tools.

Clinic management platforms

Custom healthcare software development

Take your organization to the next level with Industry 4.0 technologies like AR, VR, IoT, and big data. Or create something entirely new and tailored to your enterprise needs with our medical software development tech stack.
Tailored healthcare software solutions designed to meet specific needs of medical professionals.

Custom healthcare software development

Medical device programming and testing

Ensure that your hardware and software dance in perfectly synced tango with expert healthcare software testing and QA to deliver unmatched care and reduce turnaround time.
A medical device being programmed and tested for accuracy.

Medical device programming and testing

Telehealth platforms

Gain a competitive edge with top-grade virtual systems that meet and exceed your patients’ needs and reduce staff overloads or appointment delays with proper data governance in your healthcare firm.
Telehealth platforms - a digital solution for remote healthcare consultations and medical services.

Telehealth platforms

Drive outstanding health outcomes and future-proof your operations with TEAM’s cost-effective medical digital transformation and healthcare IT managed services.

TEAM International’s custom healthcare and wellness software development: Your business benefits

TEAM International’s custom healthcare and wellness software development: Your business benefits

Having a portfolio of medical IT solutions delivered over the years to market leaders like Wellstar and Lovelace Health System, we know how the industry works. With TEAM, you get mission-critical resources and a knowledge base that allows you to avoid common pitfalls and accelerate your time to market. Leverage robust implementation of artificial intelligence in the medical field, cloud solutions, and software quality assurance for healthcare to win the competition. As your trusted IT partner, we enable you to focus on patient-centric, smarter care.

Uninterrupted IT service delivery from 10 global locations

1500+ experts onboard

up to 24/7 Managed IT Services support models

Proficiency in HIPAA, GDPR, HITECH, 21 CFR Part 11, HL7, and FHIR

Security and compliance expertise

Official partners of AWS, Microsoft, and UiPath

How going digital with TEAM International will benefit your organization:

Cost-effective development of new therapies and their rapid market launch

Enhanced claim submission and reimbursement processes

Improved patient and employee experience

Better, data-driven clinical decision-making

Compliance with the latest cybersecurity protocols

Robust automation and healthcare cloud solutions

Reduced risks of fraud and misdiagnosis

Document digitization and M&A data migration

Streamlined regulatory submissions and improved trial efficiency

Seamless integration with wearables, VR machines, sensors, and other IoT devices

AI-powered breakthroughs for R&D activities

Maximized ROI from EHR/EMR and health data analytics

Partner, redefine, succeed, and repeat with a trusted medical software development firm.

Our successfully delivered healthcare IT solutions

our work telenor

Empowering Telenor Denmark’s IT staff capacity with a nearshore Dedicated Development Center

our work lifestyle medicine

Over $1M saved annually by automating EHR data verification for the Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine

our work allica bank

Enhancing IT capacity and automating banking operations for Allica Bank, UK’s fast-growing fintech, having raised over £2B in customer deposits by June 2023.

Nothing can stop TEAM from achieving your business goals. Need healthcare data analytics consulting or medical AI advice? Schedule a free consultation today!