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Define the future of the BFSI sector with TEAM’s financial and banking IT solutions

We bring your business idea from concept to powerful realization through our financial software development services.

Helping you solve the most demanding market’s challenges and redefine the industry’s landscape with innovative digital transformation products for finance-focused businesses

In the long run, being ready for digital innovation in banking is as essential as being ready to scale your operations ahead of others. There is no universal recipe for that, yes. However, at TEAM, we know how to bewitch technologies, like machine learning in banking and artificial intelligence in finance, making them work in your favor.

We craft unique strategies for digital transformation in the banking industry that yield millions in annual revenue for our FinTech, RegTech, and InsurTech customers all over the globe, from the USA to the Middle East.

Custom fintech software development and IT services for banks that improve your business outcomes

Payment services

Wealth management firms

Financial advisory firms

Cryptocurrency and blockchain processors

P&C and insurance carriers

Brokerages & MGAs

Decentralized finance

Mutual funds

Retail and investment banks

Financial tech providers

Hedge funds

Treasury systems

Leverage our cost-effective project-based Data Studio packages to benefit from your banking analytics quickly and intelligently.

Financial services IT solutions: Prepare your organization for the digital future with TEAM

Striving to build the next PayPal or Klarna? We know where and how you should start. Whatever your goals, TEAM International is here to fulfill them by providing the right technologies, creative problem-solving approaches, flexible delivery models, and elite global talent. Take advantage of our expertise in financial services technology consulting and cloud managed services for banking to

innovate your operations and deliver futuristic customer experiences while complying with all regulatory and security standards. With us in your corner, you’ll be able to accelerate digital evolution across your company and drive the market forward with unique fintech software solutions.

Financial data management solutions and software testing for banking industry leaders from a finance software development company that knows the difference between mortgages and loans.

Robotic and cognitive process automation in finances

Save up to 60% of your budget and reduce human errors with automated processes, streamlined workflows, and real-time customer service. Leverage AI in banking and RPA for accounting to cut turnaround time in all operations.
Image showing robotics and cognitive process automation in finance, highlighting RPA technology

Robotic and cognitive process automation in finances

Intelligent document processing

Create paperless systems that simplify data verification and loan approvals to boost customer retention and employee satisfaction. Set up digital finance data management to eliminate information silos and improve cross-department communication.
Streamlined document handling through intelligent document processing.

Intelligent document processing


Build fraud detection solutions that track and analyze suspicious activities in real time and provide action plans to prevent crimes. Meet regulatory requirements with advanced financial privacy and compliance solutions.
A visual representation of the importance of KYC and AML in the field of cyber security


Data analysis in banking

Manage your data efficiently to improve credit score analysis, visualize reports through interactive dashboards, and scale service offerings rapidly. Simplify complex calculations and data analysis in finances with 100% AI-powered accuracy.
A person analyzing financial data on a computer in a banking setting.

Data analysis in banking

ESG solutions

Attract investors and consumers with tech frameworks that guarantee you full compliance with Environmental, Social, and Governance regulations. Manage ESG risks proactively and seize your opportunities to expand.
IT solutions for environmental, social, and governance in finance industry

ESG solutions

Omnichannel customer experience

Implement robust platforms that increase ROI and turn customer behavior data into personalized offerings. Ensure your clients get a 360-degree modern experience with cutting-edge tools that boost engagement, ease navigation, and simplify onboarding.
Enhanced customer experience in finance: seamless interaction across channels for superior service and convenience.

Omnichannel customer experience

Custom software development for the financial industry

Leverage our in-depth industry expertise in finance cloud solutions and banking domain application testing to reimagine your business. Develop anything from global payment apps to next-gen ERPs tailored explicitly to your needs.
Software development for finance industry: a computer screen displaying code with financial charts in the background.

Custom software development for the financial industry

Strategic tech consulting

Create a roadmap for digital risk management, cloud infrastructure optimization, or legacy systems modernization. Enable business and technology alignment with data collection strategies that help you cover market needs faster than competitors.
Strategic tech consulting for financial services: expert guidance on leveraging technology for financial institutions.

Strategic tech consulting

Equip your organization with tailored banking IT solutions to pave a new growth path.

Creating your banking and financial data management tools is now easier than ever

As a trusted financial software development company, TEAM International is at the center of today's emerging industry trends. Our bright talents develop award-winning fintech products with the best user experience for tech-savvy consumers of the global market leaders. So, we’ll empower you to adapt to the modern payment landscape’s challenges and beat your competitors with non-lethal weapons—technologies. And we’ll maximize your organization’s growth potential, ensuring compliance with all industry regulations.


Trading & Investment platforms

Money transferring apps

Customer verification tools

Personal finance managers & Budget planners

Mortgage & Loan apps

Internal ERPs & CRMs

Underwriting & RegTech products

Blockchain and crypto platforms

E-wallets and spending trackers

Banking and payment software

Chatbots, PAs & Custom dashboards

Spoiler: and much, much more!

TEAM International’s fintech software development services: Your business benefits

We've been delivering state-of-the-art BFSI products to big-game players like Swiss Re, Allica Bank, and Nomo since 2004. Valuing our reputation among financial app development companies, TEAM stands behind its work and ensures you get what was promised, whether it's revenue boost, cost reduction, or customer retention increase. By co-innovating with us, you get fintech cloud services and tech solutions that unlock new possibilities for your organization to lead and disrupt the industry.

Why is going digital with TEAM International a great idea?

TEAM International’s fintech software development services

Forward-thinking talents with an innovative mindset

The latest fraud prevention techniques

Improved patient and employee experience

Cybersecurity for your customers’ data protection

Improved compliance and risk mitigation

Robust cloud infrastructure and best automation practices

Extensive expertise in big data management and analytics

Document digitization and M&A data migration frameworks

Financial IT services and solutions that drive productivity at scale

Delivery models that increase your corporate agility

Uniquely tailored IT strategies that ensure your competitive edge

Focus on boosting your customer acquisition and retention

Partner with TEAM. Redefine fintech. Succeed and come back for more.

What we offer as your partners

Follow-the-sun service delivery

Follow-the-sun service delivery

GDPR compliance policies

GDPR compliance policies

Official partnerships with AWS, Microsoft, and UiPath

Official partnerships with AWS, Microsoft, and UiPath

10 ISO/IEC 27001 certified global locations

10 ISO/IEC 27001 certified global locations

Customer-centric cooperation

Customer-centric cooperation

100% bilingual talent pool

100% bilingual talent pool

Our Success Stories in the field of IT services for banks

our work telenor

Empowering Telenor Denmark’s IT staff capacity with a nearshore Dedicated Development Center

our work lifestyle medicine

Over $1M saved annually by automating EHR data verification for the Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine

our work allica bank

Enhancing IT capacity and automating banking operations for Allica Bank, UK’s fast-growing fintech, having raised over £2B in customer deposits by June 2023.

Take your customer experience to the next level with one of the best software development companies for the fintech market!