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TEAM offers modern capabilities to protect your data and business

You entrust us to manage your most valuable assets, so your organization’s security is the number one priority for TEAM International. We’re committed to following the best practices and standards in security, compliance, and data protection to ensure the integrity of your information and operations.

Your reliable digital transformation and IT solutions partner with a proven security track record

All our locations are ISO/IEC 27001 certified

Secure TEAM and customer environments

Redundant infrastructure

Confidentiality and IP rights protection

Guaranteed business continuity

Diligent recruitment process and security education for employees

Specific security and compliance expertise for your business operations

TEAM has 20+ years of experience providing customized information security and compliance frameworks to customers from different industries. We take the time to fully understand your market niche and your organization’s specific needs to develop a comprehensive information security framework tailored to your precise objectives.

However, we also keep abreast of how security threats keep evolving and becoming more sophisticated. The current state of global affairs calls for robust data security management and dynamic changes in every cybersecurity area. So, TEAM constantly improves its Information Security Management system (ISMS) and develops expertise to manage all threats proactively and effectively.

We’re staying vigilant 24/7/365

ISO/IEC 27001 Certification (USA-ISMS-161023-1)

ISO 27001 Certification logo

ISO 27001 is an international standard with requirements for a company’s information security management system (ISMS) in the three pillars—people, policies, and technology. And the three core principles the standard follows to ensure information security are called the CIA triad: 1) confidentiality, 2) information integrity, and 3) availability of data.

Benefits you get with an ISO/IEC 27001 certified digital transformation partner

When you hire an external ISO 27001-certified digital transformation partner, you get assurance that your business information will be protected with a robust information security management system. By earning ISO/IEC 27001 certification, we’re capable of maintaining your reputation and preventing security risks to your information with our up-to-date, effective ISMS framework.

ISO 27001 Certification logo

Best-practice and CIA-driven approach to cyber risk management

ISO 27001 Certification logo

Established data protection procedures

ISO 27001 Certification logo

Proactive vulnerability management and high resilience to cyberattacks and internal threats

ISO 27001 Certification logo

Compliance with applicable laws and regulations

By meeting all ISO/IEC 27001 requirements, we guarantee your data's confidentiality, integrity, and availability. But there is also more to our capabilities. 


TEAM builds HIPAA-compliant dedicated teams, with each employee undergoing special training in protected health information (PHI) standards and regularly taking the HIPAA Security Awareness Certification Course. You can rest assured that our engineers act under the HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules on your healthcare project. All employees must also complete TEAM's internal Information Security Awareness Program. TEAM provides medical software development services under the HITECH Act, HHS Omnibus Rule, and NDA clauses. We protect your health data with administrative, technical, and physical measures.



We follow all the requirements this Regulation poses for personal data protection, providing appropriate contract terms, GDPR awareness training, and information security protocols that ensure your business stays compliant. As a global company with delivery centers in the EU, we're committed to maintaining compliance for TEAM and our partners alike through the Controller-Processor safeguards, i.e., Customer-TEAM relations. We apply industry-recommended methods to ensure personal data protection and the ongoing resilience of our systems and services. The company regularly evaluates the effectiveness of its data security measures.


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