It all goes back to the First Industrial Revolution, which saw the introduction of the steam engine, machinery, and factories. This then progressed into the mass production of electricity and the creation of the telephone and light bulb in the 20th century, sparking a second revolution.

It wasn’t until 1970, with the creation of digital computers, that we found ourselves in another revolution, one that led way to the internet and that rather old looking term called ICT. So, what’s coming next?

According to many experts we’re soon set to be entering the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a term which was first coined and spearheaded by the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, an annual gathering of the most important global leaders to discuss the most pressing issues the world is facing.

Think about some of the most prevalent buzzwords in technology today and you’ll start to get an idea of what the Fourth Industrial Revolution will be. Described by the WEF as an ‘age in which scientific and technological breakthroughs are disrupting industries, blurring geographical boundaries, challenging existing regulatory frameworks, and even redefining what it means to be human.’

The likes of AI, robotics, and IoT, just to name a few, have already started to make a huge impact on our everyday lives. And ultimately, it is these emerging technology breakthroughs that will lead way to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

What does Medellin have to do with all this? At this year’s World Economic Forum Colombia was chosen to represent Latin America as a Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Medellin will be the home of these operations. Colombia will join Israel and the United Arab Emirates as affiliate centers following tech powerhouses San Francisco (USA), Tokyo (Japan), Mumbai (India), and Beijing (China) from the previous year.

For many years now, Medellin has established itself as a city on the up. In 2013, the city was named the Most Innovative City by the Urban Land Institute and the Wall Street Journal. And it is now being dubbed by many as the Silicon Valley of South America.

Known for its entrepreneurial spirit and as the home to many start-ups in the tech industry, Medellin will be focusing on three research projects: AI, IoT, and blockchain. These disruptive technologies will boost industrial efficiency and overall competitiveness. As the home of our Americas delivery center, we’re delighted with the news and look forward to further growth and development in technology in Medellin.