Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Customer Experience with Augmented Reality

Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Customer Experience with Augmented Reality

By:TEAM INTERNATIONAL | January 3, 2023 | 13 min

Technology has revolutionized how we work, live, shop, and interact with businesses and people. With augmented reality, customer experience has reached new heights. It has turned out to be a powerful tool in helping companies keep up with the biggest business trends, gain direct visual engagement with users, and secure their competitive edge. So, are you one of the pioneers benefiting from AR, customer experience, and increased user loyalty? If not, then continue reading to find out how technology can help you win over customers and boost sales.

Modern audiences require innovative technologies

Nowadays, most companies have realized the vital need to adopt innovations to succeed in an ever-evolving digital transformation.But is that really all technology has to offer? Let’s think about the fact that active Internet users globally already total 5.03 billion, and that number continues to grow. It’s clear that companies need to find new ways to apply technology, as more people are engaged digitally. The same goes for AR (augmented reality) experiences, so companies are seeking to thrive in a virtual world look to AR technologies.

You may be wondering: what is an AR experience, and how can it benefit your business? Augmented reality combines physical space, images, and objects on a user’s screen with real-world interaction. It creates a new reality, and customers are engaged in a whole new, more personalized experience. As more brands start to implement this technology to satisfy their consumers, its popularity keeps growing.

For example, IKEA Place has developed an app offering AR experiences to help shoppers visualize their products in their homes before buying them. Through a smartphone, any customer can project any type of furniture in 3D at full-scale in their own home.

Experience is everything, and consumers tend to appreciate companies’ technological efforts to help them feel confident about their purchases. With augmented reality, customer experience is changing fundamentally, as does the way your clients consume your products and services. In fact, 66 percent of people say they are interested in using AR to help them shop better, so it may be a workable customer retention strategy.

the projected growth of augmented reality market

5 ways to improve customer experiences with AR technology

How will customer relationships be different in a virtual world? This question will take time to ponder and demonstrate a whole spectrum of possibilities your business can embrace. But what we know for sure is that with AR, customer experience can reach new heights and potential.

The virtual world has changed how people do business, and companies adopting AR technologies will reap great benefits. It’s inevitable to realize that with augmented reality, customer experience will also influence and boost sales and retention. Therefore, consider the following methods that can help you enhance your AR implementations.

1. Offer next-gen self-service

Reaching out to support has always been a pain, and customers find it extremely stressful. However, now companies can create tutorials to help people solve queries right away. No phone calls, emails, or unnecessary waiting lines. Eliminate the need to even contact support by ensuring powerful AR-based self-service and adding FAQs and product manuals. Virtual yet realistic examples of the product will allow customers to visualize it in the actual environment.

Take, for example, Nespresso and its scannable packaging that takes you to a step-by-step guide on descaling their coffee machine. It’s a great tool to enable self-service and improve customer experience.

2. Assist with decision making

With AR/VR, customer experience achieves an entirely new level. Technology makes people feel confident about their shopping decisions by offering real-life scenarios and eliminating all their doubts about certain products. Emotions and feelings take over and help consumers decide which item or service makes the most sense to them.

A good example here is Sephora with its game-changing Virtual Artist AR app that allows consumers to virtually try on thousands of lip sticks and other decorative cosmetics by brand and shade family. When clients can get an instant look at how a specific product looks on them, they shop with confidence.

3. Provide all-inclusive over-the-web shopping

As the world relies on contactless transactions more than ever, AR is at the center of this change. Businesses should ensure new levels of customer satisfaction to continue with the digital transformation. With AR improving customer experience, processes and logistics should keep up and reach the same levels.

For example, DHL has saved up to 60 percent of their drivers’ time searching for boxes with AR logistics technology that allows them to highlight the package for the next delivery. Consequently, you can get happier employees and faster service.

4. Promote remote support

AR can reduce resolution time by eliminating the need to handle physical items in person. With AR-based visual support, customers identify all parts of their product in real-time by computer vision technology through a smartphone, then support representatives immediately know the device’s exact name and model to offer the right solution.

There are tools like WalkMe, that guide you through step-by-step instructions on top of your computer screen to make it significantly easier for anyone to set up and install software.

5. Generate a more profound feeling of ownership

With augmented reality, customer experience is enhanced when prospective clients interact with your products. They need to feel and sense how it will be to own that product until they’re comfortable enough to buy it.

For example, Nike helps customers find the perfect pair of shoes without visiting a store. AR allows people to try products using their smartphone and then buy them.

Can AR boost sales and strengthen customer relationships?

As more businesses incorporate AR tools into their pre-sales, point-of-sale, and after-sales operations, they start to play a significant role when it comes to competitive advantages. Customer relationships and sales are experiencing an extraordinary transformation with more companies employing technology to get to know their clients better. Imagine having honest, real feedback from consumers. How would you use that valuable information?

Interacting with your customers in a virtual world will enable your organization to understand what they actually want. Augmented reality can help you get the necessary information to deliver relevant solutions and so boost sales.

AR/VR users in the USA

With that said, it is no surprise that the AR market is projected to grow in value and surpass $50 billion in the next couple of years. As more companies learn the advantages of this technology, we believe that AR will gain momentum soon and turn into a powerful tool. Companies must look ahead and visualize AR in the future and how it can help them create opportunities to understand their consumer behavior better. As AR becomes vital to shopping, consumers also feel more valued and empowered while using it.

As more traditional businesses choose to transform into fully immersive shopping experiences with AR, engagement levels in physical and online stores will become the future of marketing. Since AR is applicable in almost all architecture industries, companies must find ways to embrace AR latest trends to remain relevant and solve issues. With higher efficiency in quality and productivity, companies will witness the growth of AR technology alone or in combination with virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

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