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Uninterrupted managed IT services nearshore or offshore and digital strategy consulting delivery from innovative workspaces worldwide

Looking for nearshore software development or offshore cloud migration services? Look no further.

From our HQ in sunny Florida that offers managed IT services in the USA to beauty-packed Colombia and Mexico, providing Data Management as a Service, right to Portugal and Poland, where you can get solutions for intelligent automation nearshore in the heart of Europe. Our offices and R&D hubs are distributed strategically around the globe. TEAM’s offshore and nearshore development centers align with your business needs, overlapping time zone differences and enabling seamless communication.

United States of America

  • TEAM International headquarters are in Lake Mary, Orlando.
  • Located in the Florida High Tech Corridor, Lake Mary is a hub for IT innovators on the East Coast. With a low cost of living compared to other tech-focused areas, Orlando ranks as one of North America's fastest-rising new tech hubs and an attractive destination for top nearshore technology providers.
TEAM International headquarters are in Lake Mary, Orlando.


Home of TEAM Colombia, Medellin was our first delivery center in the Americas in 2014 and has served customers in Canada, Latin America, and the US since then. With a massive pool of IT graduates from 50+ higher education institutions and a thriving tech ecosystem, Medellin is a top location for nearshoring your software development. In 2022, we’ve also started operating from Bogota, whose economy is larger than several LATAM countries and keeps growing. It hosts unicorns (Rappi, LifeMiles, and Habi) and prominent meetups like BogotaJS. Thanks to its tremendous support of IT nearshoring, Colombia is your LATAM Silicon Valley when it comes to IT talent and tech innovation.


For TEAM Mexico, we chose Monterrey, the home of the country's first digital transformation ecosystem, Digital Hub, and its innovation capital for agile development nearshore. The city's competitive salaries and limitless business growth opportunities make IT nearshoring to Mexico a cost-effective and secure option for global companies. With a 100,000+ pool of software engineers and a well-developed local economy, Monterrey is your go-to choice for high-quality nearshore application development services.

TEAM International headquarters are in Lake Mary, Orlando.


TEAM Argentina put down roots in Buenos Aires, the country's capital and harbor for dozens of tech hubs and accelerators. The city’s top-grade education system includes 50+ universities offering local IT talents various engineering programs, from robotic process automation and data governance for nearshore companies to video game design and software development. Substantial tax incentives for tech companies, STEM scholarships, and economic stability ensured by the government put Argentina as the top 1 in technology in the region. With the highest English proficiency in Latin America and a mature developer community, IT nearshoring to Argentina is arguably the best destination for US companies.


As a regionally well-known, reputable offshoring and nearshoring partner, TEAM Poland has grown in 2022 and now has delivery centers in Lublin and Warsaw. Lublin is one of the country's most business- and investment-friendly cities. The city is a prominent hub for nearshore cloud infrastructure management and offshore machine learning services, with nine higher education institutions and 8,000+ professionals in the IT sector. Talking about Warsaw, the city had long been considered a European Silicon Valley. The urban location offers excellent conditions for gig contractors and startups, governmental support for entrepreneurs, and easy logistics. The capital is one of the top global destinations for IT nearshoring in Poland, with the largest talent pool of 70,000+ specialists.

TEAM International headquarters are in Lake Mary, Orlando.


We opened our first delivery center in Western Europe in Lisbon, Portugal's largest city and digital nomads’ heaven. TEAM Portugal's R&D center is staffed with elite tech professionals since Lisbon universities prepare around 100,000 students yearly, with 21% of graduates studying science, engineering, and mathematics. Industry leaders choose to hire offshore and nearshore digital transformation consulting providers in Lisbon due to the high-quality services at an affordable price and the flexible Portuguese tax system. IT nearshoring to Portugal is super easy and smooth since this is the EU country that follows all regional legal regulations and supports the development of the tech industry.


TEAM Ukraine offers you full English proficiency, a proactive attitude, and a commitment to project success from its delivery hubs in Lviv and Kyiv. Lviv is the third-largest software development hub in the country, with around 5,000 STEM graduates annually and 21,000 tech professionals representing 12 percent of the skilled Ukrainian IT workforce. The country’s capital, Kyiv, is home to 30 percent of the overall IT talent pool that surpassed 330,000 in 2023. As European centers for innovation (confirmed by KMPG), our local R&D centers share cultural values and business goals with you, guaranteeing the best conditions for IT nearshoring in Ukraine.

Whether for offshore or nearshore IT consulting or allocating dedicated development teams, partner with TEAM International to redefine your tech and succeed in new markets.