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Drive strategic innovation across your business with local technology experts

In today’s digital economy, changing customer expectations, emerging technologies, and disruptive competitive forces put businesses under increasing pressure to innovate and deliver results as quickly as possible.

Building truly innovative business solutions that drive digital transformation requires a crystal-clear IT strategy using expert IT talent.

Innovate faster with TEAM’s domestic professional IT consulting services

Harness the knowledge of our experienced IT consultants and U.S.-based IT professionals matched to gain the skills and expertise needed to build next-generation IT solutions for your business quickly and cost-effectively.

TEAM provides the full spectrum of services, from strategy and design to deploying just-in-time expert resources to complete your project.

Build Next-Generation IT Solutions

Cloud Enablement

Harness the power of the cloud to meet your unique business needs more quickly and stay ahead of the competition while delivering maximum ROI and performance.

Enterprise Application Architecture

Streamline your enterprise application architecture and ensure alignment with business goals to maximize flexibility, efficiency, and long-term value.

Microsoft Dynamics
365 Consulting

Optimize Dynamics 365 for your business to boost customer retention, accelerate acquisition of new clients, and optimize resources across your organization.

Esri GIS Software Consulting

Fully integrate Esri GIS mapping technology into your business and IT strategy and build customized GIS software solutions that meet your unique needs.

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Drive Your Business Forward

Engage your customers

  • Respond more quickly to market demands with truly innovative IT solutions
  • Accelerate delivery of new products and services to your clients
  • Automate processes to create a seamless user experience and improve customer service

Empower your employees

  • Gain access to highly-skilled, domestic IT talent to boost your team's expertise and bandwidth
  • Streamline IT systems and processes to help your employees do more and deliver faster
  • Empower your team to bring more value to your business

Optimize your operations

  • Reduce operating costs by optimizing resources, systems, and processes
  • Gain strategic guidance to drive operational efficiencies and agility
  • Leverage U.S.-based IT and industry-specific expertise to maximize ROI on your IT initiatives

Ensuring Quality and Success

TEAM provides flexible, U.S.-based professional IT consulting services to empower your organization’s growth, innovation, and success.

  • Robust skill sets: Our experienced IT talent and specialized consultants provide hard-to-find technical, business, and industry-specific skills.
  • Speed and agility: Quickly access the talent you need to drive your IT strategy forward and complete innovative projects in record time.
  • Seamless alignment: Our domestic IT professionals quickly become a seamless extension of your team, working with you onsite or from our delivery center in Florida
  • Security and compliance: Simplify compliance with strict internal data, intellectual property, and security requirements.


The second step involves the provider’s staff’s talent and the ability to recruit top-notch developers, if and when needed. Experience working with the same frameworks, programming languages, and methodologies that a client works with is essential to make sure both the hiring company and the IT outsourcing service provider are on the same page, making operations run smoothly - TEAM International

Microsoft Center Of Excellence Update #2 – Microsoft Lab, Dynamics 365


It’s been a while since I last spoke to you in July about the Microsoft Center of Excellence. In my last update I shared
Are you keeping up to date with Microsoft Dynamics 365 - TEAM International

Are you keeping up to date with Microsoft Dynamics 365?


New products, solutions and capabilities are coming in the Spring 2018 release for Dynamics 365 and the Business Application Platform. A report published by

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