These days every geography, business unit, and industry are affected. The scale of uncertainty can be staggering, and decision making during the coronavirus crisis is exhausting. Business continuity and disaster recovery are rapidly evolving into the top of mind priority.

During this time of trial, we participated in a podcast episode to talk about the most important and challenging topics of the IT industry – how to ensure business continuity. Pete Winiarski, the host of Business Results Radio discussed the most urgent issues of these days with our Founder, Matt Moore, and President of TEAM International, Chris Walton. They spoke about the US coronavirus outbreak and its effect on business.

Given that TEAM International is a reputed IT partner for multiple companies worldwide, we also faced the challenges of setting up the remote workspaces and ensuring continuous operations for not only our internal teams but also for all the project teams. Consequently, our business continuity services and crisis management training have immediately gained much traction among current clients and prospects.

From this podcast, you’ll find out how the company was prepared for the corona crisis and how isolation impacts employees’ productivity and teamwork. TEAM executives share best practices and insights on how to prop up the team spirit and prevent the ‘working from home depression.’ And finally, how the company reduces the expenses and makes concessions to businesses that have been much affected by COVID-19.

Enjoy the episode.

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