In this blog post, we’ll take a look at 5 ways TEAM International’s recent office remodels are helping create great and fun places to work in Medellin and Lublin.

Think about it, how much of your waking hours do you spend at the office? Probably more than you spend at home, or anywhere else for that matter.

If you feel comfortable, welcomed, and are able to truly have fun at your workplace, you’re much more likely to feel motivated to go to work each day. And once you’re there, you’re much more likely to be productive and contribute with creative and innovative ideas.

As Gensler Research Institute puts it, “great workplaces create more engaged employees; and more engaged employees are the key to business productivity and profit.”

Many of today’s top companies, including TEAM international, are making significant efforts to improve the physical workspace to boost employee engagement, productivity, and retention.

As part of this effort, TEAM recently remodeled and expanded our office space in Medellin, Colombia, and moved our Lublin, Poland operations into a new, state-of-the-art facility.

Creating Great and Fun Places to Work: TEAM’s Medellin and Lublin Delivery Centers

1. Location, location, location

Just like with any business, location is key to success. For TEAM, the location of our delivery centers is one of the most important factors in attracting and retaining top IT talent.

Our Medellin delivery center is located in the central business district of the city, while our Lublin office was recently relocated to a new, larger facility, conveniently located close to the city’s downtown. Both of these offices are easily accessed by public transportation and are surrounded by a wide variety of restaurants, shops, gyms, banks, clinics, and a range of other services. These central office locations help simplify life and provide our employees with the work-life balance they seek.

2. The right balance between open and private spaces

77% of U.S. workers prefer a balanced workplace that offers both open and private space, according to Gensler. The report concludes that the best style of workplace is mostly open, but also offers plenty of private spaces, available to individuals or groups of employees whenever they need some quiet time.

Both TEAM Medellin and Lublin have incorporated this ideal workplace environment into the updated office designs.

3. Modern and inspiring design

Workplace design is important for 85% of today’s global workers, according to a recent report by Leesman Index.

What does great office design mean? For both of our recent office remodels in Medellin and Lublin, we consulted with expert interior designers to create beautiful workspaces that inspire our employees, helping increase motivation, productivity, and retention. Our design updates focused on incorporating plenty of natural light, stunning views, attractive color schemes, and beautiful lighting.

4. Spaces that encourage socialization and fun

Incorporating spaces like those is another extremely important element of today’s ideal workplace, especially for the younger generations that make up more and more of the IT sector’s employees. These kinds of spaces encourage employees to create genuine connections with each other in entertaining and light-hearted settings, greatly improving their overall wellbeing and sense of work and life balance among employees.

Fun is something we certainly don’t skimp on at TEAM! Our updated office spaces at both locations incorporate game areas with ping-pong tables, PlayStation, chess boards, and plenty of other games

5. Amenities that improve employee comfort

Considering that the workplace is essentially a second home for your employees, it’s critical to ensure they feel as comfortable as possible.

To help make our Medellin and Lublin employees feel right at home, we’ve added dedicated lunch areas with microwaves, healthy snacks, and vending machines.

We’ve also started to incorporate “microbreak” stations that allow employees to take quick, physical and mental breaks from their work during the day.

And, of course, we’ve added some comfy “nap stations” where our employees are welcome to relax, take a quick cat nap, or just work in a horizontal position for a while!

The Bottom Line

At TEAM, we’re determined to make all of our global locations great and fun places to work. Our recent office remodels projects in Medellin and Lublin are just the first in a series of office environment improvements designed to make our employees feel comfortable, inspired, and motivated, all while encouraging genuine fun, socialization, and work-life balance.

Next on our list of office remodels are TEAM’s Kharkiv and Kyiv delivery centers in Ukraine. Stay tuned for updates on these exciting projects!