First of all, what is RPA? You may have already heard the term RPA, short for robotic process automation. But what does it really mean?

In essence, RPA enables “robots” to perform repetitive, time-consuming, computer-based office work with little to no manual intervention.

This not only cuts costs directly related to these processes by greatly improving efficiency and productivity, but it also nearly eliminates costly human error. And the best part? RPA allows your human employees to spend more of their time and energy on creative and strategic work that drives revenue and helps your business strengthen its competitive edge.

Finding the right RPA tool for your business

How do you get started with RPA? And how can you implement it quickly and cost-effectively?

One of the first steps in your RPA journey involves selecting the tool needed to build your robots. There are many RPA tool providers out there with differing levels of experience, support, costs, and success rates.

So, how can you determine which RPA tool is right for your business and worth your investment? Our advice: some hands-on experience of trial and error with different tools is necessary. Fortunately, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. And after trying out many different RPA tools, we’ve decided to put our trust in UiPath to help bring successful RPA projects to life quickly and cost-effectively for our clients.

Why have we chosen RPA UiPath? Our decision was based on three main criteria: solid funding, streamlined bot management, and community support.

1. Solid funding and exponential growth

UiPath has received a huge amount of funding to continue expanding its reach in today’s “automation-first” world. In fact, they recently raised $568 million in their latest Series D funding round. And the company has grown exponentially over the last 24 months from a valuation of $110 million in April, 2017 to a staggering $7 billion in April, 2019.

This solid foundation instills trust and confidence in the tools and services UiPath provides. It also provides the fuel needed to continue to develop new and innovative automation tools and capabilities, fast. One of the most exciting new capabilities added to UiPath’s tool kit is called, Computer Vision.

This technology allows robots to detect on-screen elements with an extremely high level of precision – akin to that of the human eye – thanks to the help of advanced AI algorithms.

The surge of funding has also allowed RPA UiPath to accelerate its release schedule, which allows users to access the latest technologies and functionalities sooner. Each new release empowers businesses to automate more processes, more quickly, and more effectively.

2. Streamlined bot management

Although RPA bots are automated, they still need to be managed. UiPath has developed a best-in-class tool to manage their bots, fittingly called the Orchestrator. Just as its name suggests, the RPA UiPath Orchestrator allows you to control, deploy, and monitor the productivity of all attended and unattended robots.

This tool makes it easy to scale robots up or down, greatly increasing the flexibility of UiPath’s tools for businesses of any size experiencing growth, changing client expectations, and industry demands.
With UiPath’s centralized Orchestrator dashboard, available both on your desktop and mobile app, it’s easy to see how your bots are functioning in real-time at a glance:

UiPath Orchestrator Dashboard

The UiPath Orchestrator capabilities can be extended even further with the help of Kibana visualization, an open source data plugin that enables you to extract more data and visualize this data in ways that can help drive further business growth and process optimization.

Although RPA bots can function without a centralized coordination tool like the Orchestrator, we do not recommend this approach. Without it, your bots will be less effective and you’ll likely miss out on a good chunk of the benefits that RPA has to offer when correctly implemented, coordinated, and monitored.

3. Community support and training

UiPath is focused on cultivating an expansive community around their technology, which is one of the key drivers of their success to date. In fact, there is a free version of UiPath that is open to anyone interested in learning about RPA or trying out this type of automation in their business.

The UiPath Academy also provides comprehensive online training courses, open to anyone interested in learning about this innovative technology. Best of all, you don’t need to have a technical background or any specific technical knowledge prior to starting the courses. And as long as you follow along diligently, you will be able to build fully functional bots by the end of the course series.

And when you have questions about building bots for specific use cases, changing bot functionality, integrating bots with new systems or technologies, and any number of other questions, you can always turn to the UiPath Forum. This is a highly active and public forum where UiPath users around the world ask and answer questions as well as exchange innovative ideas about RPA.

Finally, you can always reach out to UiPath support team with any issues or questions. This support channel combines both human and bot experts to quickly resolve any issues.

Is there an additional capability you think could be added to the environment? Just post it to the forum. Is something not working as expected? Just report it to the support team. It’s that simple.

The Bottom Line

UiPath offers the proven and reliable tools and technologies needed to build effective RPA bots for even the most complex of processes. And we believe this RPA provider will continue to lead the way in developing new and innovative technology that helps drive RPA adoption in more businesses and organizations around the globe.

If you’re ready to get started on your RPA journey, you can check out UiPath’s online courses and take a deep dive into the technology. But for those with a more acute need to quickly develop RPA solutions for their specific business process requirements, the best next step will involve seeking out an experienced RPA implementation partner.

TEAM International can offer you end-to-end RPA implementation services including a full business and process evaluation, process optimization, a full automation roadmap, bot creation, and implementation, as well as 24/7 bot monitoring and support.

Our highly qualified and certified business analysts, RPA solution architects, and developers will work closely with you and your team to develop a customized RPA solution – in a matter of weeks in many cases – that delivers an accelerated rate of ROI from year 1.

At the end of the day, it’s not just about finding the right RPA tool. It’s also vital for businesses to find the right RPA implementation partner like TEAM that can accelerate the process and ensures your investment pays off quickly.

Learn more about TEAM’s end-to-end RPA service offerings and jump start your RPA journey today!