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Reimagine quality engineering to help your business innovate and thrive

In today’s fast-paced and extremely competitive marketplace, QA and testing is key to preventing errors in your software, app, or cloud-based service that could negatively impact user experience, security, or stability – ultimately, safeguarding your brand and reputation.

But quality assurance and testing is not just a cost mitigating tool. Knowledgeable and experienced QA professionals can help identify and correct the root cause of repetitive errors, prevent costly rework, and streamline development projects.

Partner with TEAM International to simplify and streamline software QA and testing. Our expert QA and testing solutions help you align business goals with technical priorities, create engaging user experiences, and quickly deploy your software to market across multiple platforms and devices.

Intelligent QA & Testing Solutions

Testing Process Setup/Enhancement

Set your software portfolio up for success by correctly instituting and enhancing your testing processes, allowing you to achieve both product quality and accelerated speed to market.

QA for Full Cycle
App Development

Receive end-to-end support throughout the entire development process, including creating your enterprise testing strategy, effective implementation, and successful delivery and support.

Legacy IT Testing
& Support

Maximize ROI (Wiki) and get better results from your existing software, while ensuring smooth performance, security, and seamless end-user experience.

Automated Software
Testing Frameworks

Build and launch your custom automated testing framework quickly and effectively to streamline processes, improve user experience, and deliver quality software testing solutions to market faster.

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Drive Your Business Forward

Engage your customers

  • Detect defects before go-live to safeguard your reputation
  • Ensure stability and consistency to improve end-user satisfaction
  • Identify threats and privacy issues to keep customer data secure

Empower your employees

  • Use best practices and RTU solutions to grow your QA expertise and increase productivity
  • Enable insights that help mitigate risk and avoid expensive rework
  • Identify bottlenecks and idle processes to reduce operating costs

Optimize your operations

  • Automate processes to ensure better test coverage
  • Identify risks and bottlenecks during the planning stage to make your application more flexible and responsive to business demands
  • Increase the quality of your software products

Ensuring Quality and Success

We’ll work with you to develop a customized software testing solution based on your business goals and specific project requirements.
  • Our highly skilled team of QA experts join your project during the initial stages to ensure full testing coverage.
  • We provide you with mixed-profile QA specialists, trained in our QA Center of Excellence to perform both back-end and front-end testing.
  • We rely on the most up-to-date technologies and techniques to provide you with efficient performance, transparency, and accurate quality reports.
  • Our custom automation frameworks help accelerate your testing timelines, reduce costs, and improve accuracy.
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