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TEAM International is a real cosmopolitan with employees all over the globe. We find the best local talent in every part of the world to provide you with global experience, domain-specific knowledge, and top-notch skills that governments, enterprises, and individuals can rely on.

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United States Headquarters

Founded in 1991, the US office is a strategic center and a solid foundation to develop strong and long-lasting relationships with clients around the globe

Lake Mary

— Florida High Tech Corridor: As a part of the Greater Orlando metro area and the Florida High Tech Corridor, Lake Mary is located in a favorable hub for tech innovators on the East Coast;
— Fast-rising center for innovative technology: Orlando was ranked #1 on CBRE’s 2019 list of the fastest rising new tech hubs in North America;
— Domestic IT talent: The Orlando area is a highly attractive destination for some of the country’s top IT talent, with the cost of living lower than many other tech-focused metros.

Strategic Guidance and Tech Support to Ensure Your Business Continuity

U.S. business partnership
and legal protection

Focused leadership

Intellectual honesty
and open-mindedness

Ukraine Delivery Hubs

Eastern Europe’s technology center and software development powerhouse

TEAM Kharkiv

— Pivotal innovation center: It is our first delivery center in Eastern Europe, founded back in 2003. We chose Kharkiv as it’s the second-largest city and home to highly-rated technical universities, R&D institutions, as well as scientific, cultural, and media events;
— Large IT talent pool: 25,000+ IT specialists and 76% are focused on computer programming, all while 95% of IT professionals have a graduate degree;
— English fluency: Around 84% of IT professionals have an intermediate to high level of English.


— European center for innovation: With its office in Lviv (founded in 2014), TEAM combines global expertise with open-mindedness, regional knowledge, and relationship-oriented approach to provide clients with exceptional services;
— Attractive location for clients and top IT talent: With its vibrant culture and beautiful surroundings, Lviv is often referred to as the most European city in Ukraine. It’s the third-largest software development hub in the country, with around 5,000 IT graduates every year;
— Skilled tech talent: 21,000+ IT professionals represent 12% of the Ukrainian IT workforce, and most can boast of 3-4 years of relevant experience on average.


— Country’s emerging technology center: As the country’s capital, Kyiv is at the heart of advanced scientific, economic, educational, and technological developments. Kyiv IT service delivery office opened its doors in 2016;
— World-class IT experts: Kyiv is home to the country’s top 4 technical universities and the largest pool of tech talent, with 53,000+ IT professionals;
— Global R&D and technology hub: World-known tech leaders like Amadeus, Ericsson, Boeing, Ring, and many others have established R&D centers in Kyiv. Every year, the city hosts several major tech and IT-focused events, including IForum, IT Talk Kyiv, and IDCEE.

TEAM Ukraine's IT Professionals and Software Development Consultants

Full English

Shared cultural
values and
business goals

Proactive spirit
and commitment
to project success

Colombia Delivery Hub

A high-potential center for advanced technology and innovation in the Americas

TEAM Medellin

— Nearshore software development: Medellin office was established in 2014, and it’s the first delivery center in the Americas. Being located close to the USA and sharing the CST and EST time zones, it mainly serves clients in Canada, Latin America, and the U.S.;
— IT-focused education: 8,000+ IT-related graduates every year from 50+ higher education institutions;
— Tech and innovation hub: Medellin is the major hub for technology and host to the World Economic Forum’s first Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Latin America.

TEAM Colombia’s Business and Information Technology Specialists

Full English

A seamless
extension of your
in-house team

and proactive
attitude to projects

Poland Delivery Hub

A young and vibrant technology and business development center in the European Union

TEAM Lublin

— Business-friendly environment: Lublin software development center was founded in 2016 but quickly gained traction. The city is on its way to surpassing Warsaw as one of the most business- and investment-friendly cities in Poland;
— Large talent pool: With 9 higher education institutions in the city, there are 8,000+ professionals currently working in the IT and outsourcing sector;
— Proximity: Located in the heart of Europe, Lublin is just a short flight or train ride away from major European cities.

TEAM Poland’s Business Consultants and Software Development Engineers

100% English
- speaking teams

Common values,
traditions, and goals

Proactive spirit and
thorough involvement
in the project

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Contact us now to discuss how TEAM can help empower innovation across your organization

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