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Maximize your virtual assets’ value with capacity-based price packages for cloud optimization services

Global cloud managed service providers: Over 15 years of experience in IT operations and the best tech tools available to you

TEAM Cloud Studio’s leadership team consists of top-notch engineers and architects with 10+ years of experience who provide end-to-end consulting, cloud infrastructure management support, and other IT network-focused services. Our core competencies cover cloud server management and platform engineering, DevOps, CI/CD, database administration, Azure and AWS migration services, on-premises IT infrastructure, and solution architecture assistance.

What we do: Cloud management solutions you get with TEAM International’s Studio

Under the umbrella of our Cloud Management as a Service solutions, we help you optimize the costs and performance of your IT infrastructure to ensure data accessibility for downstream consumption on time. TEAM Studio combines extensive domain knowledge and proven technologies to prevent downtimes in your cloud infrastructure management and seamlessly carry out maintenance activities. Applying the market-leading best practices and innovative approaches—like cloud-based Disaster Recovery as a Service—our engineers ensure round-the-clock availability and better operational capabilities of your virtual ecosystems.

Enabling your uninterrupted cloud application management through the follow-the-sun cooperation model

Client Support

Your 1st-line client omnichannel support with up to 24/7/365 coverage. The default support language is English, with other options available. Collaboration with a technical team or client until case resolution.

Client Support

Internal IT Support

L1/L2 remote support of your employees and their workstations. Software maintenance with patching, workstation security, and cloud network management. Microsoft Office 365 services in configuration, protection, user and license management, and more.

Internal IT Support

Technical Support

Advanced cost analysis and optimization for your virtual assets. Best automation practices, incident response, and backup system implementation. Up to 24/7 cloud support with rotating teams ensures cloud infrastructure management and account security.

Technical Support

DevOps as a Service

Everything from Kubernetes, system configuration automation, and Pipeline as Code to L3 on-call support. Solution architecture and ecosystem improvements, cloud migration planning, custom PoC implementation, Infrastructure as Code, and CI/CD services.

DevOps as a Service

Database Administrator as a Service

Modern database architecture design, cloud storage management, and security administration with data migration. Servers’ setup and configuration with on-demand maintenance and support. Performance monitoring, diagnostics, and tuning.

Database Administrator as a Service

Cloud app optimization solutions

Business process automation and the best hibernation practices for your infrastructure. Disaster Recovery as a Service with risk management plans and efficient DevOps & CloudOps strategies. AWS, Azure, and GCP cloud frameworks tailored to your needs.

Cloud app optimization solutions

TEAM Studio’s approach to round-the-clock cloud infrastructure management

We follow an outcomes-based approach and best practices for geographically distributed cloud teams to offer digital solutions 100 percent tailored to your needs. So, the Cloud Studio templatizes SOW and automates manual data processing, which allows us to provide you with a relevant cloud integration services proposal within minutes and significantly shorten the decision-making cycle. We’re ready to start working with you today—no lengthy negotiations, no bureaucracy, or dragging. Our experts also standardize and automate recurring internal and external daily/weekly/monthly processes and reports to boost the visibility and transparency of our work.

Scalable cloud support across different time zones: Your infrastructure’s onboarding flow

Stage 1:

Discovery phase

Handle data collection and project estimation to assess cloud services and expenses and provide a high-level security evaluation.

Stage 2:


Configure infrastructure and set up ticket system, SLA, monitoring, and security tools. Outline backup, recovery, training plans, and all operating procedures.

Stage 3:


Handle system alerts, support tickets, and complete the training plan by 80%. Verify backup, retention, and disaster recovery (BRDR) plans, providing stakeholders with regular progress reports.

Stage 4:


Complete the training plan 100% and continue managing system alerts, security incidents, and support tickets. Keep checking BRDR verification and track metrics through reports to introduce changes if necessary.

Our partnerships and certifications in multinational cloud managed services

  • Whether you’re looking for AWS managed services
  • or striving to beat the challenges of managing a cloud across time zones,
  • TEAM Studio will guide you through this journey from start to finish.

Our internal commitment to ensuring your business continuity

TEAM International offers the most comprehensive support packages to retain and nurture Cloud Studio employees and keep your knowledge safe inside the company. Our strategic talent management approach allows us to guarantee that you won’t experience downtimes in our service provisioning. There will always be a talent to keep your IT infrastructure up and running 24/7.

Business value you get with TEAM Cloud Studio’s cloud management solutions

Expert point of contact

We assign a Senior engineer as your primary contact point and a skilled Technical Lead to drive your project. It’s included in every cloud management package we offer.

Expert point of contact

Backup force

You get a Senior/Mid engineer as a backup person to shadow a Tech Lead in all activities and act as a single contact point while a primary engineer is absent. A backup expert can work on tasks, accelerating execution if possible.

Backup force

TEAMers with cross-project skillset

If you decide to extend your cloud team, you immediately get engineers with cross-project skillsets ready to join your project. We’ll re-assign them from other resource pools—no additional hiring is required.

TEAMers with cross-project skillset

Smooth and prompt onboarding

We maintain continuous cross-team knowledge sharing to avoid the bus factor and speed up the onboarding. Every TEAM engineer must also pass an onboarding procedure within your organization.

Smooth and prompt onboarding

Cost optimization with global cloud management

TEAM covers sick leaves, vacations, resignations, and other HR aspects without any interruptions in delivery and degradation of quality in our cost-effective services. You can focus on future-proofing your business while we take care of everything else.

Cost optimization with global cloud management

Agile and adaptable cooperation

Even if 24/7 support isn’t included in your package, we provide you with an on-call person to watch over your infrastructure during weekends, off-hours, and holidays. This engineer will be there to cover any critical cases that might arise.

Agile and adaptable cooperation

Strategic talent distribution that ensures time zone overlap

Thanks to our global presence, we leverage TEAM International’s geo-distributed delivery centers with resources in LATAM and EU to provide you with follow-the-sun 24/7 services. Hence, we guarantee you reduced downtime with geographically diverse teams.

United States

  • Orlando FL, HQ
  • (Since 2004)


  • Medellin
  • (Since 2014)
  • Bogota
  • (Since 2022)


  • Monterrey
  • (Since 2022)


  • Buenos Aires
  • (Since 2022)


  • Lublin
  • Warsaw
  • (Since 2015)


  • Lisbon
  • (Since 2022)


  • Lviv
  • (Since 2014)
  • Kyiv
  • (Since 2018)

Most flexible delivery models for cloud migration services and IT infrastructure management


Light as a feather pricing plan

Looking for light cooperation where you can scale with time but don't need any extensive resources right this moment? We're your co-pilot of choice! In this model, we assign two lead specialists as your project tech contact points. TEAM navigates deliverables with your in-house experts. You can provide all the tools yourself, or we can do that for you. Our cloud engineers might suggest process modifications to improve the outcomes, but you're the one in control, and the final decision is up to you. When you're ready to grow, just ask—we'll assign all the needed extra specialists. However, you get full access to the diverse skills and expertise of TEAM Cloud Studio wherever your project requires it.


Middle ground pricing plan

Need something bigger and more grounded? Meeting you in the middle is one of our core corporate values. With the Flex model, we assign the lead specialists as your project tech contact points and TEAM's PM to oversee all deliverables and manage teams. We adapt to your tools, schedule, and processes. You can choose whether specialists will be assigned on-demand or 100% dedicated to your project only. In case you want a dedicated engineering team, you'll be in complete control of it. Full access to the diverse skills and expertise of TEAM Cloud Studio is available to you 24/7.


Heavyweight division pricing plan

Ready for a heavy marathon with a dedicated cloud management team? We're rolling up our sleeves and getting straight to business. The Premium model provides you with a 100% dedicated team consisting of PM, Tech Lead, and engineers. TEAM implements the best-in-class cloud and DevOps tools, processes, workflows, and industry-leading practices for you according to PMP and ITIL v4. We cover on-site workshops, infrastructure inventory, and vendor management. The dedicated team handles the IT department's governance, strategy, and roadmap. Full access to the diverse skills and expertise of TEAM Cloud Studio is available to you 24/7.


We work with

Small businesses

Medium companies

Large enterprises

Collaboration tools for global cloud management and the core tech stack we use

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rackspace image
azure image
vnware image
hyper-v image
jenkins image
docker image
kubernetes image
tc image
bitbucket image
azure devops image
splunk image
jfrog artifactory image
git image
datadog image
dynatrace image
zabbix image
nagios image
icinga image
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chef image
system center image
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nexsus repository image

Partnering with TEAM Cloud Studio: Why your business is safe

We successfully deliver projects of any complexity and co-innovate reliable cloud management solutions that hit new heights for your company. Our infrastructure management teams run IT for you 24/7/365, significantly reducing the total cost of ownership. But the most important fact is that we care about our employees, enabling them to enjoy their work and stay with us for as long as possible. This means we safeguard your project with knowledge and employee retention.

Talent value TEAM International delivers

Learning and development department

Internal best practices center that enables employees with capabilities to develop skills necessary for the highest quality of service.

Sponsoring and motivation

We empower our engineers to pass the necessary certifications to improve their skills and service quality in the subject matter.

Career Path

TEAM’s career development program ensures every expert sees their future in the company in both directions, vertical and horizontal.

Internship programs

Tailored opportunities for engineers to develop their skill sets for mutually beneficial needs from the beginning of their career journey.

Quantified measurement of success

Competency metrics are specifically designed to measure growth progress and goal achievement.

Improvement initiatives framework

Our internal innovation center-like framework encourages every cloud specialist to submit their bright ideas for implementation.

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