Workshop risk managment and why I need it

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Workshop risk managment and why I need it - TEAM International

On April 18th in Kharkiv, Ukraine, TEAM International organized the first workshop of its kind – on Risk Management. The workshop was targeted to Project Managers, Business Analysts, Scrum Masters, and Team Leads from different IT outsourcing and product companies. The workshop was arranged with the purpose of sharing information and experiences regarding the approach of identifying major risks that project teams face when working on different projects.

This event was just the first in a series of technical lectures and workshops that TEAM International have planned for the coming months.

We invited Julia Korytko, Senior Project Manager at Namecheap, to speak at the workshop. We also had our own CTO Sergiy Povolyashko in attendance, he provided practical examples on how to identify, evaluate, and respond to the risks that may occur during the project process. Over 100 participants were involved in the discussion on what are the main sources of risks; they can now apply this new information and use it to solve practical tasks.

TEAM are grateful to our speakers who shared such useful and interesting information with the Kharkiv IT Community, and we look forward to organizing new technical events in the near future.

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