What Is BOT
for IT Outsourcing?

Build-operate-transfer, or BOT, is a unique IT outsourcing engagement model that allows you to establish a foreign subsidiary at greatly reduced risk and cost. Download our white paper to learn more!

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Why Consider BOT
for Your IT Needs?

With this model, an IT outsourcing partner helps you build a dedicated team of IT and/or software development professionals that will be legally transferred to your organization as a fully functional foreign subsidiary after a set amount of time.

BOT helps greatly reduce the costs and risks associated with setting up a foreign subsidiary on your own, while allowing you to maintain a firm hold on your intellectual property (IP).

Download the White
Paper Now and Learn:

What is a Build-
Operate-Transfer (BOT)
engagement model?
How does BOT
differ from DDC?
How does a BOT
engagement work in
IT outsourcing?
Benefits of BOT
IT outsourcing
What to look
for in a BOT IT
outsourcing partner