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Staying ahead of the game in technology can be difficult, especially when you’re looking to get your head around complicated issues or important decisions. Our white papers provide you with a definitive and concise report of what you need to get to the bottom of what’s going on in the world of technology.

A guide to
finding the right
IT outsourcing partner

With so many different IT outsourcing providers spanning across different services, prices, and time zones, knowing what to look for is complicated. This white paper aims to get to the bottom of this by providing a definitive guide to selecting the right IT outsourcing partner.

An Overview of GDPR
Compliance and
Use Cases

What is GDPR and what are some of the most relevant aspects for individuals and B2B companies to consider? This white paper will identify terminology to get familiar with, consequences of not being in compliance, and we will look at some examples and use cases that may relate to you.

QA and Testing:
When Is The Right Time
To Use Automation?

Test automation has numerous benefits when employed for the right project or scenario. But many of you have probably had bad experiences as well. It’s important to carefully consider when to use test automation and when not to, ask the right questions, and weigh the cost vs. benefits.