We Talked With Sorey García Ahead of Latinity

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We Talked With Sorey García Ahead of Latinity - TEAM International

Latinity is a conference about women leaders and gender issues in computing and technology. Before the event we caught up with Sorey García, a Xamarin Architect for TEAM, who is one of the event volunteers. The event takes place August, 24-25. 

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what you do at TEAM? 

My name is Sorey Garcia and I work as a Xamarin Architect for our international clients at TEAM International. I am actively involved with leading the tech community here in Medellin, and my participation has been recognized, as for the past 6 years Microsoft has awarded me with their Most Valuable Professional Award.  

Can you tell us about the upcoming Latinity conference? 

Latinity is an international two-day conference, where women from different countries in Latin America participate and learn about other women leaders in the region. The topics are always related to gender issues in computing and technology, and there will also be technical workshops. The idea is that the conference becomes a space where we can connect and have greater goals to work for gender equality. 

This year Colombia will be hosting the event and we hope to have around 400 attendees and more than 60 different sessions. 

What’s your involvement with the conference? 

I am a co-founder of Codies, a community of women in Colombia working to empower women in software development. We were given the opportunity to host the conference in Colombia. We worked together with other women-focused communities in Colombia on the execution of this event. Some of these groups include: Pioneers Developers, Django Girls Colombia, Joint Developers, Women Who Code, Avanet, Geek Girls, Epicqueen, among others. 

Can you tell us more about these communities and their importance to women in tech? 

These groups are formed by individuals and have become fundamental focal points for exposing and sharing both the current situation in Latin America and the creation of ideas and projects that work to increase the participation of women in technology. These ideas and projects are for both men and women who want to get involved and participate in creating new ways to get more girls and women involved in the technology industry. 

TEAM International is always looking to play an active role in promoting women in tech, and this year we will be sponsoring the event. If you want to know more about Latinity, and future events that we will be involved with in Colombia, then follow us on Facebook and Twitter. 

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