TEAM International to Start JavaScript Top Gun Lab in Kharkiv

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Professional JavaScript Course - TEAM International

One of TEAM International’s goals has been to be integrated with the local community in the locations of our delivery centers. This includes local events, charities, and also education. For many years, we have been deeply involved in teaching students and young professionals who want to develop their skills and build a career in the IT industry. In 2013, we opened our first Top Gun Lab, a fully equipped computer laboratory founded by TEAM and Karazin Kharkiv National University School of Computer Sciences.

Every year TEAM arranges two big courses for students who want to further their career in IT.  These courses are normally conducted from February to May and from September to December. The programs offer students master-classes and trainings including programming languages such as Java, .NET and Quality Assurance. During this period students attend lectures and practical classes where TEAM experts guide them not only by lecturing theory, but training on their own practical experience using real-life examples and applications. Students don’t just learn how to write code or test cases, instead they acquire the skills needed for real projects in real IT companies.

We are happy to announce that we will be launching our next course, focused on Programming in JavaScript. The course will start on February 18th and finishes on May 6th. This will be the second time that we have held the course on the subject, following a successful course in 2015. The course will cover 13 lectures and 11 practical classes once a week, covering all things from the history of JavaScript and how the internet works to web security and native JavaScript.

The aim of our Top Gun Lab program has always been to find the best students (this time in JavaScript) and mentor them on practical business applications. Classes and lectures will be conducted by TEAM’s top experts with the best graduates being offered employment with us and the opportunity for interesting positions on projects with our exciting list of clients in various industries.

For those interested, the course is free to enter. We are currently accepting applications and the final deadline to register is February 14th. You can register and find more information about our upcoming course here.

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