Lublin has been named one of the 12 rising stars of business cities in “Locations of BSS Sector in Poland Report (2016)”.

Warsaw, Cracow, and Wrocław are already the top European or even worldwide BSS hubs, and yet they are no longer the obvious choice for investments in Poland.

The types of outsourcing centers that dominate in smaller cities, like Lublin, are IT centers. Among the vast majority of outsourcing centers located there, software development services, which are the most advanced IT and R&D processes, are prevalent.

Services centers located in the analyzed city service processes in 22 languages. Apart from Polish, English is used most often and is present in 84% of centers, followed by German and French. It is worth mentioning that there are some companies that provide services in niche languages such as Arabic or Hungarian.

As the report emphasizes, the 12 cities in question, Lublin including, have not only the advantage in terms of both the cost of doing business and wage arbitrage but also the loyalty and commitment of employees. That can easily translate into the quality of services and the ability to migrate more advanced processes there.

Lublin authorities do their best to further develop infrastructure as well as culture and leisure facilities, which has already made the city resident-friendly. It encourages talented people to remain here as well as attracts those studying in bigger agglomeration to make a move home.

The city’s main advantage is its young and well-educated workforce. It is worth emphasizing that every fifth Lublin inhabitant is a student and university courses are adjusted to the needs of the labor market. Lublin is one of the top ten largest academic centers in Poland in terms of the number of students and graduates in information technology. Lublin companies, such as TEAM International Lublin, being a large resource of competences, are not afraid of challenges. In terms of process categories supported by business centers in Lublin, IT professionals are most often engaged in application lifecycle management.

team international lublin

(Incl. software development) – 83% of centers, with users support/service desk constituting 66%, and infrastructure management/support 61%.

The city is located along a major transit route between the Baltic States and Southern Europe (Via Carpathia). The convenient location makes it easy to get to Warsaw by car or train (170 km). Major European hubs (Munich) and several capital cities (London, Stockholm, Oslo, Dublin, and Kyiv) can be reached from Lublin Airport (LUZ) with most worldwide destinations available from Warsaw Airport.

We are excited to see the growth as we continue to develop our delivery center – TEAM International Lublin.