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Maintaining fragile and stubborn legacy systems is essential to avoid risks but it can also be extremely costly. For so many businesses replacing a legacy system isn’t an option, and without these systems the core business can come to a standstill.

Our solution for legacy systems allows organizations to mitigate these risks, ensuring that your business operations run smoothly. If you find that the majority of development work is related to support of your legacy systems, with constant improvement to existing features and functionality, a well developed QA and Testing process is crucial for making sure that the core functions of your business run uninterrupted.

Our solution for Maintenance and Support for Legacy System includes:

  • Test environment setup

  • Configuration management process
    or setup

  • Defect root cause analysis

  • Log analysis

  • Regression testing

  • Reviewing and refining documentation

For more complex systems, we offer additional options:

  • Database testing.

  • API testing.

  • System integration testing.

  • Test automation.

  • Data migration testing.

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