IT Infrastructure Management

Enjoy the full capacity of your IT infrastructure, without the hassle of managing it

Your industry and business are changing fast. Is your IT infrastructure keeping up? In today’s fast-paced and tech-driven world, it’s difficult for organizations to maintain and modernize legacy IT systems, migrate systems to the cloud, and integrate new technologies. And it’s easy for nearly all of your time and resources to get sucked into maintenance mode and not have the capacity to focus on driving innovation.

Lack of 24/7 support when your team goes home for the day can also cause problems – if something goes wrong with an application during off hours, costs can snowball quickly. And finding qualified IT management professionals at a local level can be difficult and cost-prohibitive.


You need a trusted, nearshore partner that can fully manage your IT infrastructure

Allow TEAM International to take on the full operations management of your business IT environment, freeing up your time and resources to focus on strategic projects that drive business growth and help you stay competitive. Our end-to-end, nearshore IT infrastructure management services ensure your IT infrastructure strategy aligns with your business goals, security needs, and regulatory requirements. We can help you transition IT services to the cloud, shift from an inflexible CapEx to an agile OpEx IT model, and manage the high cost of infrastructure obsolescence.

Tangible Benefits for
Your Business

24/7 monitoring,
every day of the year

Nearshore support during your working hours

Up to 80% reduction in document
and data storage price per GB

Nearly eliminate downtime

99.99% availability SLA

Quality and

Our goal is to ensure your IT infrastructure is fully aligned with the business, optimized and ready for the future, and is no longer a burden on your time and resources.
  • Business-focused technology roadmap: We’ll help you develop a comprehensive IT infrastructure plan that aligns your technology with the business needs to enable growth, innovation, and success.
  • Future-proof IT infrastructure: We leverage Smart Infra management to ensure your technology has the computing power and datacenter capabilities to run your applications smoothly both now and into the future.
  • Cost savings and flexibility: Our IT infrastructure management expertise allows us to continually apply cost-optimization strategies that benefit your bottom line. And our services can be easily scaled up or down to meet your changing business needs.
  • End-to-end, expert support: Our experienced and certified teams will fully configure and maintain your infrastructure. You’ll no longer need to worry about infrastructure upgrades or day-to-day maintenance.

Flexible IT
Infrastructure Plans



Up to 5


Up to 5


20 hours

Engineering support
per month

Services Included

24/7 Monitoring:

  • Up to 5 servers
  • Up to 5 websites

20 hours per month of engineering support:

  • Servers maintenance
  • Servers patching
  • Client support during business hours

Standard SLAs & Metrics

  • Infrastructure Uptime – 99.99%
  • Application Uptime – Over 96%
  • Back-Up Success – 99.99%
  • Patch Compliance – 90%
  • NOC Service SLA – 99%


  • Monthly SLA and consumption status report
  • Weekly infrastructure status report
  • Daily backup status report

Monthly Subscription Cost

USD $3,000

We’re here
to help!

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