Custom Software Development

Turn your great ideas into intelligent software solutions

In an era of technological advances and rapid changes, your software can make or break your business. Lack of integration, limitations of legacy and third-party systems, and constant maintenance requirements are some of the most common software roadblocks that can hinder business performance.

These challenges are leading many organizations to look for truly customized software solutions that help increase productivity, drive revenue growth and empower innovation. But bringing your transformational software ideas to life requires time, technical resources, and expertise – all of which can be hard to come by.

You need a robust software backbone that your business can rely on.

TEAM International can help you design and implement the fundamental architecture that will drive custom software engineering and integration projects forward. Our Agile approach to the SDLC helps you deliver quality solutions quickly, increase productivity, maximize performance, and improve your bottom line.

Intelligent Software Engineering Solutions

Innovative Software Solutions

Build powerful enterprise applications that automate, streamline, and optimize your processes to achieve business value.

Legacy IT

Don’t let legacy systems slow down your growth. Future-proof obsolete apps by adding powerful capabilities, like cloud, data analytics, automation, and mobility.

App Customization
& Configuration

Customize your third-party solutions to make them work better for your organization. We help you scale them, improve coordination with essential apps and tools, integrate advanced tech, and implement new functionalities.

& Support

To be able to compete successfully, we provide you with application maintenance services. We provide production support and assist you in modifying IT solutions, enhancing performance, improving reliability, and adapting them to business changes.

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Drive Your Business Forward

Engage your customers

  • Respond more quickly to market demands and increase customer retention
  • Accelerate delivery of new products and features to your customers
  • Automate processes to create a seamless user experience and improve customer service
  • Turn customers into your brand ambassadors to reduce marketing costs

Empower your employees

  • Streamline internal processes to help your employees do more, faster
  • Eliminate the need to perform repetitive tasks and enable your team to bring more value to your business
  • Gain access to highly skilled IT talent to boost your team's expertise and foster knowledge sharing
  • Eliminate or greatly reduce the need to work extra hours or late-night shifts

Optimize your operations

  • Increase productivity in the SDLC with reusable components and flexible app structures
  • Set up a continuous deployment process to deliver new features regularly and seamlessly
  • Leverage follow-the-sun development principles to reduce time to market
  • Ensure better test coverage of complex systems with test automation frameworks

Ensuring Quality and Success

We can help your organization streamline and evolve delivery capabilities, take full advantage of emerging technologies, innovate, and improve business performance.

  • TEAM implements Agile methodologies like Scrum and Kanban to provide you with maximum efficiency, communication, and ultimate business value.
  • We promote microservices for high availability, large-scale applications to ensure your organization remains flexible, stable, and responsive to business demands. We utilize DDD, BDD and TDD approaches.
  • Customize your TEAM to fit your needs – select a dedicated team for your long-term projects, augment your in-house staff to achieve goals faster, or hire TEAM technology advisors to help transform your business.
  • We stay responsive and agile to quickly help solve your toughest challenges and bring your vision to life.
  • Our Microsoft and Quality Assurance Centers of Excellence continually develop highly skilled and certified engineers, architects, and Scrum Masters, ready to turn your ideas into strong business differentiation.

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