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Configured to Your Specifications

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How Application Configuration works:

The client has a software product with a core engine and a number of configurable modules, workflows, and functionalities. We will designate an application team that creates the end product, based on the individual requirements of the end client (third party), by configuring and/or adding the requested features to the core product.

Here at TEAM we offer Application Configuration as a stand-alone service or as a part of more involved service offering.

Our Application Configuration Process:

  • Knowledge transfer – our configuration team works with the client and learns the core product and configuration tools.
  • Requirements – we gather the requirements from the end client and prepare specifications for the configuration team.
  • Configuration – we proceed with the application confirmation according to the individual requirements of the end client.
  • Delivery – the configured product is delivered to the end client (third party).

Case Study

Adjusting data warehousing to the third party’s configurations:

If you have questions or application configuration needs, we are only an email or phone call away, and happy to consult with you. Contact us today » .