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TEAM International Rartners with Delivered Innovation
as the Strategic Software Development Partner

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Delivered Innovation - Case study - TEAM International

The Client

Founded in 2006, Delivered Innovation designs and develops on demand SaaS business applications. Having innovative approach to SaaS application and design DI has completed over 125 successful projects, ranging from innovative startups to global 500 companies.


The Client approached TEAM International to facilitate efficient data transfer into the Salesforce.com platform,
optimize existing workflows, extend available functionality to be able to process large volumes of data/documents,
perform analytics and provide customized reports to the client. Another goal was to implement two-way integration with other systems.


Delivered Innovation partnered with TEAM International to develop customized software solutions for Delivered
Innovation’s clients. As a result of the engagement TEAM International created a number of modules for different
companies aimed at optimizing internal processes and synchronizing data to the external systems. In addition, TEAM created a module responsible for the optimization of the workflow processes and refactored modules to improve performance issues and UI aesthetics. Another project included the development of the application responsible for the management of marketing campaigns to optimize workflow processes. TEAM’s development team helped the Client migrate data from the external system and optimize business workflows using the Salesforce platform. TEAM also launched the internal product for the Client. The application was designed to integrate and manage data related to the external system as well as support messaging using Chatter application.


By utilizing leading cloud computing technologies and leveraging strategic partnerships, TEAM International and DI helped clients address complex business challenges and create revenue opportunities by automating business processes, extending the functionality of existing CRM enterprise systems, and introducing new business capabilities within Salesforce.