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Information security, data protection, and business continuity – if you are about to launch a new software development project within your organization, these are words that will make you cringe. At TEAM International, we understand that these are critical issues to address in the software development process.

To make sure we do our part to keep the integrity of your organization and information intact, we have put in place the following measures:

  • ISO 27001 compatible information security framework
  • Physical security
  • Redundant power supply
  • Redundant Internet Services Providers
  • Business Continuity procedures
  • Tools for secure access to TEAM’s or Customer’s environments
  • IP rights protection through employment agreements and relevant MSA clauses.

And of course, we follow best practices and standards in security and data protection, including:

  • ISO 27001 – for Information Security
  • BS 25999 – for Business Continuity
  • GDPR – for personal data protection
  • HIPAA – for personal health protection

These are just the measures we are taking internally.

Our customers specifically request us to lend our expertise in implementing customized information security and compliance frameworks. They know that we provide an end-to-end approach including technical, organizational, and contractual measures. When our customers are looking for a comprehensive information security setup, they count on our experience and know we are ready to assist.


We are a HIPAA compliant company. What does that mean? The short version: We handle protected health information according to HIPAA rules. The long version with the specific legalities:

We act in accordance with the Security Rule & Privacy Rule of HIPAA. As a Business Associate we provide our services under the HITECH Act and HHS Omnibus Rule. To protect health data, in accordance with the HIPAA Security Rule, we have implemented administrative, technical, and physical safeguards. All employees that interact with protected health information (PHI), during the development process, regularly go through the HIPAA Security Awareness Certification Course to help them understand what HIPAA is and to perform in accordance with the Security Rule policies and procedures of handling PHI. Our employment agreements include Confidentiality and NDA clauses, and all employees are required to go through an Information Security awareness program.


If you are a company that deals with EU citizen’s personal data, GDPR compliance is a priority. We recognize the ramifications and risk for any company that is not in GDPR compliance.

TEAM is a global company and has to be diligent about our own GDPR compliance, as well as our customers. As a Processor for our customers, we have put in place appropriate safeguards for Controller (Customer) – Processor (TEAM) relations, which include appropriate contract conditions, GDPR awareness trainings, and implementation of information security controls.

We respect GDPR requirements as data protection principles and data subjects’ rights. Learn more about how we can assist you with GDPR friendly software solutions and consulting on GDPR compliance implementation.

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