TEAM International Named in the Top 10 Oil and Gas Software Providers for 2020 Globally

We’re proud to announce that TEAM is recognized as one of the best oil and gas solution providers for 2020 by the MYTECHMAG magazine. Mike Orr, President of the Oil and Gas division, shared his insights into optimizing and advancing the future of the oilfield.

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Currently, oil and gas companies are going through hard times. They are challenged by the market, competition, internal operations, and the pace of technology change. All these factors are interconnected, and it’s crucial to strike a balance to progress ahead. 

With over two decades in the oil and gas arena and deep insight into the industry-specific nuances and technological aspects, we’ve come up with a turn-key solution that allows companies to facilitate one of the links of this chain and so focus on more mission-critical tasks. 

Having hands-on experience and closely collaborating with clients, we know firsthand that oil well monitoring costs companies thousands of dollars, and it’s just for the hardware, plus additional expenses on the workforce, software, integration, and further maintenance. Meanwhile, our oil and gas technology solution enables business owners to monitor their oil & gas assets literally anywhere and for only a few dollars a day, regardless of the volumes. How is it possible? 

We combine emerging technologies like industrial IoT, RPA, AI, and Machine Learning with a solid understanding of the overall oil and gas lifecycle to help companies reduce windshield time, lower G&A costs, improve safety, and eliminate downtimes by detecting and fixing routine problems faster and even in real-time through intelligent automation. Additionally, we offer risk mitigation to enable clients to prevent fraud and other common issues and thus ensure business continuity for partners, employees, and clients. 

Why TEAM International? — Most oil and gas service providers try to sell companies tech solutions that they just don’t need. Meanwhile, our goal is to understand where our client is in their digital journey and bolster them with relevant technologies and knowledge. The fact that we have multiple centers of excellence, as well as research and development hubs, empowers us to anticipate and embrace technology changes quickly, and build open-source solutions that are not only powerful but also on target.

Being recognized among the top 10 oil and gas software solution providers is yet more proof that we’re on the right track. By the end of the Q2, we’ll introduce drone services to enable our clients to not only check the sensor readings but also inspect each asset visually and audibly.

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