TEAM International Joins the UiPath Services Network — Program for the Most Qualified UiPath Partners

Lake Mary, FL - January 13, 2021 - TEAM International, a worldwide leader in IT product development and intelligent automation services, expands its partnership with UiPath by becoming one of thirteen companies globally with a Diamond certification and participation in the USN (UiPath Services Network) program.  

To obtain this status, TEAM International had to meet UiPath's stringent quality standards, including successfully deployed large RPA projects, a high degree of client satisfaction, comprehensive knowledge of UiPath automation tools, and well-proven technical skills. This program recognizes only a select group of service providers who are enthusiastic about innovation and have solid experience in delivering top-notch intelligent solutions for progressive organizations.   

"Joining a USN Program is a great honor and a very meaningful event for all of us at TEAM," admits Tommy Simon, President of RPA at TEAM International. "This status verifies the vast expertise in RPA services that we've built internally and the value that we provide to our clients at every step of their RPA journey. Being in the UiPath Services Network, our team once again confirms its full commitment to excellence and its standing as one of the automation leaders on the world stage." 

Over the years, TEAM International has successfully passed over 140 UiPath certifications and courses and become a UiPath Diamond Partner. Now obtaining a Professional Services status, the company will be able to tap into new markets, harness hyperautomation capabilities, and unleash the maximum potential of intelligent automation in future projects. 

Finally, this expanded partnership will have a host of benefits not only for TEAM International but also for its clients. To become a USN partner, TEAM has completed a rigorous evaluation and will undergo regular re-accreditations every six months and annually. Meanwhile, the company gains access to exclusive technical materials with best practices, guidelines, blueprints, tools, delivery resources, and more. Consequently, choosing TEAM customers and business partners can be sure of the highest degree of competence they'll get.  

About TEAM International: 

TEAM International is a leading professional services company, offering a holistic set of services in digital transformation, software engineering, cloud computing, strategy and consulting, robotic process automation, and cognitive technologies. The company combines advanced technologies and capabilities with unique insights and expertise to ensure constant innovation to clients globally and help them re-imagine their technology, operating, and business processes for the digital age. 

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Marketing Director  

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As a mature global company with executive leadership located around the world, we are well prepared to continue fulfilling our commitments and supporting all our clients. Our IT and financial infrastructures are distributed across North America, Europe, and Latin America, so we keep working and delivering relentlessly.
Our Emergency Response teams in Europe, LATAM, and the United States are operating at full capacity and are doing everything they can to save and support our Ukrainian employees and their families. They continuously assist colleagues with evacuation, border crossing, and relocation to safer places. We provide TEAMmates in Ukraine with financial, logistic, and legal support.
TEAM's global ecosystem and infrastructure are designed with resilience in mind. Moreover, we have tightened our systems' security to mitigate any possible vulnerabilities and risks.
At this point, TEAM International remains focused on preserving and delivering the high service level that our clients and partners expect. We have always remained committed to our values, quality standards, and goals. This situation is no exception.
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