Outperforming the uncertainty: TEAM International’s Response to COVID-19

The global coronavirus spread is affecting everyone. At TEAM International, we are people-first, and we continue operations with the belief that technology can transform into a powerful tool at a time like this. Businesses are trying out new approaches to remain productive. Schools innovate to ensure distance learning and make it accessible to everyone. Banks leverage emerging technologies to enable secure online access to essential services. We’re all adapting to produce a strong crisis response caused by COVID-19. 

As an international company, we take proactive steps to secure our employees at all the offices and delivery centers, as well as provide continued operations and unceasing efforts to our clients across the globe.  

Read how TEAM International addresses the current coronavirus outbreak: how we minimize the disruption and cooperate with the organizations to support the response efforts to the COVID-19 epidemic.

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Working and doing business remotely

TEAM International follows global and regional recommendations, and since March 2020, nearly all TEAMmates are successfully working from home. Being a certified Microsoft Partner and having all trusted tools up and running, we’ve experienced no delays or interruptions to projects. All employees have been provided with the necessary hardware and software to follow corporate security protocols and ensure little to no loss in productivity.

Moreover, we’ve created the Infectious Disease Control Policy as a corporate crisis management plan to protect the well-being of our employees and their families. Our executives and managers regularly share best practices and tips on how to manage remote teams on our blog.

Canceled traveling and event activities

TEAM International has drawn up travel guidelines to eliminate all trips, international and domestic, cancel all participation in events and shows, and restrict all kinds of mass external and internal meetings. Scheduled internal lectures and workshops are either put on hold or delivered online.

COVID-19 literacy

Internal lectures conducted by health professionals and experts in the related fields are also a part of the TEAM’s strategy of dealing with the coronavirus epidemic. We hold online talks for employees to help them understand, prevent, and get through COVID-19.

Community support

TEAM International cooperates with local communities and authorities to help them treat those who are sick and ensure better support for the front line — especially healthcare workers. Our goal is to lessen the coronavirus impact on the economy, and that’s why we continue creating new jobs and hiring talent worldwide. 

Clean and healthy offices

TEAM International pays special attention to the cleanliness of all the workspaces in all the locations, even during the work-from-home (WFH) period. We provide regular cleaning and disinfecting services of all the objects and areas in offices and delivery centers, including but not limited to conference rooms, bathrooms, breakrooms, kitchens, door handles, and railings. Additionally, we’ve installed alcohol-based hand sanitizers throughout the offices and common areas. 

Trusted news sources

We continually monitor and analyze the information about the spread of COVID-19, including but not limited to symptoms and signs to watch, limitations and restrictions, implications and new outbreaks, improvement and research updates. We utilize only reputed sources like the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), local authorities’ websites, and similar.

As the whole world adapts to respond appropriately to the coronavirus crisis, our thoughts and devotions are with the affected and the brave first responders — physicians, nurses, health experts, researchers, and volunteers working day and night to assist those in need.  Unfortunately, so far, we aren’t sure when the greatest threat will be over, but TEAM International does its part by ensuring safety to our employees and business continuity to our clients.

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