Digital Field Data Capture
for Oil & Gas

Obtain real-time data and analytics from your oil and gas assets, around the clock

To thrive in the volatile oil and gas world, you need to find ways to gain more speed and efficiency than the next guy. And today, the key to achieving both lies in your ability to drive digitization across your hydrocarbon operations.

The good news? Recent cost reductions in IoT and solar power, combined with longer-lasting batteries are now making it extremely affordable to electrify and digitize even your smallest, most remote wells.

Digitize and Automate Data Collection

Fully digitize and automate data collection from your wells of any size

TEAM International’s next-generation digital field data capture (DFDC) technology gives you the power to collect data from any asset, big or small – in seconds, not days or weeks – and for a cost of just a few dollars per day on average.

Our revolutionary edge- and cloud-based technology is placed at the very source of the data – whether that’s a wellhead, a pressure valve, or at different points throughout a pipeline. This data is then transmitted to the cloud for processing and analysis and can even trigger automated actions in real-time by leveraging algorithms, AI, and machine learning.

Interested in learning how digital field data capture
can streamline your oil and gas operations?

Fuel Business Success with
TEAM’s DFDC Technology

Digital Twins

Gain access to a digital-twins model of your entire oil field


Increase operational efficiency by targeting resources only where they are needed

Reduce Downtime

Dramatically reduce downtime and maximize production

Speed to Market

Accelerate speed to market

Reduce G&A

Greatly reduce G&A costs and maximize ROI, even for your lowest-production wells

Identify & Fix

Identify and fix day-to-day problems faster, even in real-time through automation

Mitigate Risks

Mitigate risks and help prevent catastrophic issues before they occur

Powerful Data

Gain access to powerful data and analytics on all your assets

Reduce Fraud

Greatly reduce oil collection and distribution fraud

Real-World Digital Field
Data Capture Use Cases


Use Case

Oil Tank Level Monitoring

TEAM’s DFDC Solution

Monitors the level of oil in a tank and triggers an automated alert to the hauling company once the tank needs to be emptied.

How Does TEAM’s DFDC
Technology Work?

Requirements Analysis

We meet with your business, operations, and technology leaders to understand your unique needs and determine where and how DFDC can be applied to deliver maximum ROI for your business.

Electrification of Wells
(if required)

We install solar at any well not yet electrified, powered by long-lasting batteries that ensure 24/7 coverage, even at your most remote wells.

Technology Installation
and Set-Up

TEAM takes care of fully installing and setting up all the hardware and software required for data collection, transmission, and analysis.

Sensor and Data
Transmission Testing

We perform extensive testing of all sensors and ensure they’re transmitting data correctly to the edge-compute devices and to the cloud for analysis.

Ongoing Monitoring
and Support

TEAM provides 24/7 monitoring and support service for your assets equipped with our DFDC technology.

Data Analytics Reporting
& Expert Consultation

We deliver detailed reports, interactive online dashboards, as well as expert consulting services that empower you to make smarter, data-driven decisions.

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