With one of our delivery centers in Medellin, we are excited to be participating. Before the event, we checked in with Gilbert Guevara, lead Backend Developer, and one of the organizers. The event takes place at Ruta N on August 17-18.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what you do at TEAM?

I’m the lead Backend Developer for a client of ours: a digital marketing company that maintains the industry’s largest set of anonymized consumer data – working with 65 of the Internet Retailer Top 100. My focus is on building an application program interface (API) solution for the internal teams. At the moment I’m involved in two tech stacks for this development process: Java and NodeJS.

Can you tell us about the upcoming Droids4Droids conference?

Droids4Droids is a conference historically held in different Latin American countries and for the first time since its conception, it will come to Colombia and Medellin. The conference covers the most relevant and current topics regarding Mobile Android Platform Development. Some of the talks this year include Flutter, React Native, Xamarin, and Kotlin.

What’s your involvement with the conference?

I’m part of the team organizing the event. This all started at a local Android meetup group in Medellin. Some of the other guys at the meetup have been speakers at previous Droids4Droids events, and at some other events. They wanted to bring the experience to Colombia and here we are. This will also be my first Droids4Droids event, but I have participated as a speaker at Pataconf here in Medellin and also at other events in Bogota.

What’s the focus of the conference and what can we expect to be discussed?

The focus will be on software development for mobile Android devices, but the topics expand beyond just technical things, going from talking about the whole application development process, teams and resource management, to talk about the Internet of Things, the role of women in tech communities, and integrating machine learning with the Android Platform.

How is the conference relevant to TEAM?

TEAM is excited to contribute to the local IT community in Medellin and Colombia. In the time we have been established in Medellin, we have experienced great growth and are impressed with the talent and tech innovation here.

TEAM International is very much looking forward to the event and is delighted that the event will be coming to Medellin for the first time. If you’re interested in the event and want to know more about Droids4Droids, and any future events in Colombia, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.