IT Talent Acquisition

Streamline acquisition of world-class IT and software development talent

The shortage of highly skilled IT talent is not going away any time soon. In fact, it’s only going to get more difficult. Finding and keeping top IT and software development staff is one of the biggest challenges faced by companies looking to grow and stay competitive through technology and innovation.

Accelerate IT talent acquisition with the right nearshore, IT outsourcing partner

For more than 25 years, TEAM International has provided nearshore teams of highly experienced, 100% English-speaking business analysts, developers, testers, and project managers to businesses just like yours. Partner with TEAM to help propel your organization’s growth and innovation to new heights.

Start building your outsourced IT and software development TEAM today!

Your Roadmap to
Acquiring Top IT Talent

Develop your talent
acquisition strategy

We analyze your hiring needs from both a business and technical perspective to determine which hard and soft skills are required for your project.

Prepare the job descriptions

Based on your unique requirements, our IT recruiting specialists prepare a comprehensive job description to attract highly qualified candidates.

Perform talent search

Our IT talent search process includes analyzing our large candidate database, posting on numerous job boards, as well as getting involved with local IT communities, events, Meetups, and job fairs.

Screen and shortlist
your candidates

Our expert IT recruiters hold interviews to screen candidates and create a shortlist of the most qualified professionals.

Hire and onboard your TEAM

With your involvement, we select and make offers to the very best candidates – in fact, only around 10% of applicants are offered a position with TEAM. We then take care of the full hiring and onboarding process.

Ensuring Quality and Success

Our well-established and highly effective recruitment process allows us to quickly build out a team of talented IT and software development professionals that meets your precise needs.
  • Nearshore talent pools: Our strategically located, nearshore delivery centers in Ukraine, Colombia, Poland, and Vietnam are ready to provide you with the full spectrum of IT talent.
  • Fast and effective process: It takes around 4 to 6 weeks to find and hire your dream TEAM of IT professionals fully aligned with your unique technical and business requirements and goals.
  • Long-term partnership: TEAM is focused on nurturing long-lasting relationships with both clients and employees, providing you with an IT TEAM you can count on for the long run.
  • Holistic professional development: We support your TEAM with ongoing training and professional development, including English-language classes, as well as technical and business skills trainings.

We’re here
to help!

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