Proven capabilities to protect your data and your business

Information security, data protection, and business continuity – if you are about to launch a new IT or software development project within your organization, these are words that will make you cringe.

You need a trusted IT and software outsourcing provider with a proven security track record

At TEAM International, your organization’s security is our #1 priority. To ensure the integrity of your data and information, we follow best practices and standards in security and data protection, including:

ISO 27001 compatible
information security

power supply

internet services

Business continuity

Tools for secure access to both TEAM and client environments

IP rights protection through employment agreements
and relevant MSA clauses

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Specialized Security &
Compliance for Your Business

TEAM has extensive experience providing customized information security and compliance frameworks to clients from a range of different industries. We take the time to fully understand your industry and your organization’s specific needs to develop a comprehensive information security framework, tailored to your precise needs.

Compliance Expertise

TEAM is a HIPAA compliant company, which means that we handle protected health information (PHI) according to HIPAA rules

We act in accordance with the Security Rule & Privacy Rule of HIPAA. As a Business Associate, we provide our services under the HITECH Act and HHS Omnibus Rule. To protect health data, we have implemented administrative, technical, and physical safeguards. All employees that interact with PHI during the development process regularly take the HIPAA Security Awareness Certification Course to help them understand HIPAA and perform their duties in accordance with the Security Rule policies and procedures of handling PHI. Our employment agreements include confidentiality and NDA clauses, and all employees are required to take an Information Security Awareness program.

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