Shaping and retaining the very best IT and software development talent

Technology changes at lightning speed, which is why TEAM International is fully committed to providing IT and software development educational opportunities to help develop young talent in our local communities and ensure our staff keeps up with the latest tools and technologies.

Community IT Education

At TEAM, we value education and work hard to provide opportunities for the youth of our local communities to learn about software development and other IT skills.

Top Gun Lab (TGL)

TEAM’s Top Gun Lab provides free IT and software development training courses to university and technical students, allowing them to gain hands-on experience with the latest tools and technologies and gain highly demanded skills in the global IT and software development industry.

FAQ about
Top Gun Lab

Students from local technical schools and universities are welcome to apply to these free courses. Although some courses require some core knowledge of the subject matter, the key requirement is to be enthusiastic and passionate about technology!

TEAM’s most skilled IT specialists design and teach each of the TGL courses based on their deep knowledge and hands-on experience with the subject matter.

Our TGL courses teach students about industry standards and the basics of different IT and software development technologies and techniques and also provide plenty of hands-on practice with real-world use cases.

At Top Gun Lab we cover different technologies and stages of the software development cycle. Some of our past courses have been focused on JavaScript, Java, and .NET technologies, QA and testing, and robotic process automation (RPA).

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TEAM Staff Development

Providing educational and professional development opportunities is key to ensuring our IT and software development talent provides the very best service to our clients. These initiatives also allow TEAM staff to grow within the company and become more well-rounded IT professionals.

Microsoft Lab

As part of our Microsoft Center of Excellence, TEAM’s Microsoft Lab is focused on educating our junior- and mid-level specialists about the latest Microsoft technologies, including Dynamics 365, Azure DevOps, data migration, and much more. This educational initiative also provides support to our employees to get officially certified in various Microsoft technologies.

QA Lab

As part of our QA & Testing Center of Excellence, TEAM’s QA Lab is focused on educating our junior- and mid-level specialists about the latest techniques and technologies, including QA and testing for full-cycle app development, TEAM’s automated testing frameworks, and much more. Through this initiative, we also help our QA and testing engineers get ISTQB certified.

Tech Talks​

TEAM sponsors numerous internal Tech Talks each year where our employees share their knowledge and expertise on a range of topics, including software development, specific technologies, sales and marketing, soft skills, and much more. Tech Talks allow our employees to improve their presentation skills, and facilitate knowledge sharing and professional development.

English Classes

TEAM offers free English classes to all non-native English-speaking employees (in addition to local language training for employees that come from other countries). Classes are available up to several times per week for each employee. These language courses help ensure fluid communication with clients and help our staff reach their personal and professional goals.

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