Community Involvement

TEAM unites to help those in need and drive the growth of IT in our communities

Corporate social responsibility is part of TEAM’s long-term vision to cultivate a sustainable business, fully integrated with our local communities. We work with local government, education, and charitable organizations to support our communities through diverse initiatives focused on community service, education, health and wellness, and environmental care.

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Community Service

We provide funding and encourage TEAM employees to participate in a range of service activities that make a positive difference in the lives of those in need.

Children’s Foundations

We support several local orphanages and children’s hospitals with funding, supplies, and gifts for the children. We also organize activities where TEAM’s employees visit and play with the children, helping them to feel cared for and imagine a brighter future.

Top Gun Lab Route

TEAM Medellin organizes workshops to teach underprivileged children the basics of programming with Scratch. We also support older students with funds to cover expenses while they study and  invite them to do their internship at TEAM.


Our delivery centers organize many fundraising events throughout the year to support children in need, hospitals, homeless shelters, wounded military members, abandoned animals, and more. Our dedicated staff donate funds of their own and work together to organize bake sales and used book sales to help raise the funds.

Community Education

TEAM provides and sponsors educational initiatives to help those in our local communities learn about technology and gain the skills needed to work in the IT industry.

Top Gun Lab Courses

TEAM organizes and funds free IT and software development training courses for local university and technical students. The courses cover a variety of technology-focused topics and are taught by TEAM’s most senior and skilled IT specialists.

Meetup Events

We provide funding for local IT and technology Meetup groups, including several focused on encouraging more women to work in the industry. We have also provided our office space to be used for these events on several occasions.

Health & Wellness

TEAM is committed to promoting and supporting the health and wellbeing of our employees and our local communities.

Sporting Activities

We encourage and provide funding for our employees to participate in local marathons, cycling races, soccer tournaments, and more. We also arrange internal activities like yoga classes and ping-pong tournaments.

Bike to Work

TEAM encourages our staff to bike to work to promote good health and reduce our carbon footprint. In fact, TEAM was recently named the most bike-friendly company in Kharkiv, Ukraine!

Blood Drives

We organize blood drives at our delivery centers and encourage employees to donate blood to help patients in need from local hospitals.

Environmental Care

TEAM strives to reduce our carbon footprint by implementing company-wide recycling initiatives.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We provide color-coded recycling bins and educate our employees about correctly disposing of recyclable waste. We also encourage employees to reuse washable dishware rather than disposable plastic dishware.

Battery Recycling

We collect used batteries in our delivery centers and send them to local processing plants to limit their negative impact on the environment. Each year we collect 30+ kg of used batteries.

Community Partnerships

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