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TEAM International encourages and supports young professionals! Our company offers an excellent educational program to assist in educating young talents in practical software development.


“We are happy to announce a launch of our next course “Programming in JavaScript”. The course will start on February 18th, and will be conducted in Kharkiv National University named after V.Karazin. Our course is free”.
Registration is closed.

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“We are happy to announce a launch of our Top Gun Lab of JavaScript. The course will start on February 23rd, and will be conducted in Ruta N – Medellin. Our course is free”.
Registration is closed.

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Karazin Top Gun Lab

Top Gun Lab is a new fully-equipped computer laboratory founded by TEAM International together with Karazin Kharkiv National University School of Computer Sciences. The program’s ambition is to identify the best students in the information technology field and mentor them on practical business applications in their field of study.
The program offers students year-round master-classes and trainings including programming languages such as Java, and Quality Assurance. The lectors are TEAM’s top experts.
The best graduates will be offered employment at TEAM International with the opportunity to work on real projects.

Java Course

13 weeks
(Java, Spring, Hibernate)

See detailed program (PDF)

QA Course

12 weeks
(manual functional testing, automated testing)

See detailed program (PDF)

.NET Course

3 weeks
(.NET Fundamentals and Core, ASP.NET+MVC+Azure, SQL)

See detailed program (PDF)

TEAM presentation

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the industry and our
educational opportunities

See detailed program (PDF)

We always have interesting vacancies on foreign projects in telecommunication, publishing, gaming, HR & recruiting areas, as well as opportunities for professional growth and stable income in the growing IT industry. Many current TEAM employees came to the company as students or fresh graduates and have become leading IT professionals in several years. Our company has a 12-year experience in software development and maintenance, and we are willing to share our knowledge with young talents!

Natalia Sorokopud - TEAM Education CoordinatorNatalia Sorokopud, TEAM Education Coordinator

Our graduates say

The moments of writing and running automated tests were the most striking – it was cool! Did the obtained knowledge prove useful? Definitely. TEAM undoubtedly contributes to professional development. Now I am engaged in automation testing and, believe it or not, I put into practice everything we have been taught.

Sergiy - Graduate - TEAM International
Quality Control Engineer

We learned in close to reality conditions, and performed tasks from the existing projects. Most of all I’m grateful for the practical experience. TEAM’s staff surprised me to the upside; they are true professionals who spare no effort in working on the project. All of this as a whole motivates to learn in order to grow and strive to succeed.

Quality Control Engineer

TEAM Experts shared with us not only the practical knowledge and program learning material, but also some novelties in the IT field. I liked the Course, so I tried to do my homework in a quality manner and study the suggested material. Therefore, job interview invitation was not a surprise for me.

Eugeniya, - Graduate - TEAM International
Quality Control Engineer

The course had a 100% impact on my career choice. After trying, I realized it was my cup of tea, and after a while, was hoping to get a Job offer from TEAM. Teamwork on a real project helped me get experience to figure out the direction in which I should develop as a professional. I think the next step is passing of ISTQB.

Ksenia - - Graduate - TEAM International
Quality Assurance Engineer

I’d heard a lot about TEAM before, so I was actively working on my future from the very first lecture. The theory is written in books, but only an expert who knows the project from the inside can show how to put knowledge to use. We appreciate our teacher’s work. This experience is precious.

George - - Graduate - TEAM International
Quality Control Engineer