IT Solutions for
Digital Marketers

Gain an unfair advantage over the competition

In the hyper-competitive world of digital marketing, it’s increasingly difficult to set yourself apart. Everyone has access to the same basic toolset, and agencies and in-house departments alike are working off the same basic playbook.

As a result, engaging both B2B and B2C audiences has become incredibly tough…and expensive. CPC and CPM are up, and prospects are becoming numb to the same old, same old.

It’s a challenge, to be sure. But some of the world’s most innovative digital agencies and marketing departments have found an answer. They’re partnering with highly experienced custom software development partners to create the digital marketing & IT solutions necessary to break through the clutter.

Accelerate Innovation

With the right nearshore development team, you can:
  • Deliver viral experiences that drive prospects to action
  • Better understand your data and use it to drive smarter decisions
  • Track and measure every touchpoint from initial interaction through to sale
  • Automatically optimize digital marketing efforts and spends
  • Smooth workflows and handoffs between marketing and sales
  • Unlock unique insights about your buyers and your products
  • Build fully integrated eCommerce solutions
  • Improve ROI from your CRM or ERP investment
  • Effortlessly scale your resources based on demand

IT Solutions

Intelligent Digital Marketing & IT Solutions for Teams

TEAM International is a global software development partner with over 25 years of experience conceptualizing, building, launching, and maintaining custom technology solutions for businesses of all sizes.

We offer a highly flexible engagement model, helping our partners augment their existing teams and bandwidth. Whether you need someone to manage the entire SDLC or just some extra hands to move a project over the finish line, we’re here to help

Custom Software

Create digital experiences and internal tools that drive engagement – and results.


Take advantage of RPA to reach prospects faster, more effectively, and at less cost.

Software QA
& Testing

Realize swift ROI by deploying solutions that meet your exact needs from Day 1.


Reach and ignite prospects with the power of the Azure cloud and Dynamics CRM.

Data Analytics

Anticipate prospect behavior and build better campaigns with predictive and prescriptive analytics.

IT Services

Augment your IT staff with a global
team of experts on call 24/7.

TEAM Empowers

  • Digital marketing agencies
  • Internal marketing departments
  • Analytics and statistics teams
  • IT departments
  • Experiential marketing specialists
  • SEO agencies
  • Digital advertisers
  • Marketing consultants


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