An Overview of GDPR Compliance and Use Cases

In our white paper we cover all things GDPR. From its main principles to different use cases and jargon, we show you how GDPR will impact your
organization and what you can do to stay compliant.

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The issue of data privacy is gaining more and more prominence, but what is being done to protect our personal data? After much deliberation, the General Data Protection Regulation, enacted by the European Union, has come into force and it looks set to redefine data protection as we currently see it. In this white paper you will find:
What GDPR is and some of the most relevant aspects for individuals and B2B companies, as well as a couple of examples and use cases
Possible consequences for not complying with GDPR
Terms that need to be understood to get better acquainted with the new regulation
Outline of TEAM International’s GDPR framework