What you need to consider when researching an outsourcing partner

The nightmare of delayed delivery, poor communication, and projects being rushed are coming to an end.

Outsourcing IT is quickly becoming a case of when and not if, as organizations become more cost and quality conscious. In a nutshell, it’s a viable option for organizations to gain service and expertise that they otherwise wouldn’t have. But while the general level of quality has most definitely improved, there are still a few things that need to be considered to make sure you find the right IT outsourcing provider for your organization.

Choosing a service provider is a long and lengthy process built on a relationship of trust and confidence. So, what do you need to know and what considerations need to be made?

Align with company culture

First things first, your need to sit down, analyze, and strategize what you are looking for in a provider that will help shape and fulfil the goals of your organization. To put this simply, an IT service provider must be aligned with the company’s culture as much as possible. Chemistry is a huge success factor when outsourcing IT solutions.

Time zone compatibility

The second deciding factor when outsourcing IT services is time zone compatibility. At times, a project requires immediate action. Nearshore IT service providers will allow both parties to have real time communication to resolve issues that may arise. The greater the time window available to work within, the more productive an IT outsourcing service will be. In a case where time zone incompatibility occurs, offshoring services should provide 24-hour support to the contracting company.

Review references and evaluate talent

Great support is possible when those providing it excel at what they do. Evaluating an IT outsourcing service provider’s excellence is a two-step process.
  • The first step is looking at the company’ track record. It’s important to see whom they have worked with, the retention rate of developers on those jobs, and overall satisfaction of previous and current clients.
  • The second step involves the provider’s staff’s talent and the ability to recruit top-notch developers, if and when needed. Experience working with the same frameworks, programming languages, and methodologies that a client works with is essential to make sure both the hiring company and the IT outsourcing service provider are on the same page, making operations run smoothly.


Finally, language must not be an obstacle. The hiring company and the outsourcing service provider must speak the same language to be able to communicate effectively. Once an agreement to do business together has been reached and the contract gets underway there will be regular project meetings. It’s essential that the IT service provider’s staff speaks your company’s language. They can have the best talent in the market, but if the lead team and outsourcing staff can’t understand each other, success is highly unlikely.

As you can see, finding the right partner means taking a lot of things into consideration. But above all of this, it is vital that the decision to outsource is made with clear goals and expectations of where the company is headed and to what extent an outsourcing service provider will contribute and impact those goals. Choosing an IT provider must ensure a company’s growth.

If you want more information take a look at our whitepaper, which provides you with a definitive guide on what you should be looking for in a outsourcing partner.

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