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The latest research shows that around 51 percent of job tasks globally are potentially automatable. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? Indeed, for some people, intelligent automation may still seem a long way in the future. However, innovative technologies and solutions are more quickly embraced during economic downturns when organizations look to cut down on labor costs. Needless to say, one of such crises we’re experiencing now due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Today RPA is becoming more prevalent among businesses of all sizes, allowing them to automate laborious tasks and thus keep their operations running smoothly. And all this is just one of the reasons why intelligent automation is gaining traction these days.
But let’s put first things first. Why is RPA one of the hottest technology trends in the market? Why are so many companies looking at RPA as a strategic initiative? Should you consider RPA as well? If so, what do you need to know about RPA?

In this webinar, we will answer all these questions and provide you with our best practices for smooth and effective kick-off. We'll talk about:

  • What is the RPA – Robotic Process Automation?
  • What is the value and benefit of RPA?
  • Can RPA help you?
  • What should you know when starting your RPA journey?
  • What do you need to get started with RPA?
  • What roles do you need to begin the RPA journey?
  • Three ways to get started with automation quickly
  • What do you need to thrive?


Sammir Ospina - RPA Lead, TEAM International

Daniel Hoyos - operations manager for consulting services, TEAM International

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