From worst to first: how to destine your bots' success



The actual economic environment puts business leaders in a difficult position since they’re expected to realize the revenue objectives but with less workforce and under rough conditions. In this context, the need to effectively integrate and scale RPA grows steadily, but unfortunately, businesses often lack the expertise and capacity to do that.

Only when strategic goals shape the contours of RPA deployment, a company can achieve cost-efficient implementation. However, now is not the time for occasional and void commitment to bot-driven automation. Forrester recently found that 80 percent of RPA initiatives don’t meet the ROI targets because enterprises bog down after integrating only several bots. Meanwhile, Deloitte notes that those companies that are bent on massive automation programs face delayed ROI. Consequently, the primary question is how to strike a balance when it comes to RPA implementation?

During this webinar, we’ll share our best practices and insights with technology and business leaders who are expected to lead RPA initiatives to success and ensure optimal ROI. We’ll focus on the prime reasons why automation projects fail, how to overcome the associated challenges, and proactively offset risks.

Problem #1: Invalid infrastructure and tech configuration
Problem #2: Incorrect CoE concept implementation or Operating Model setup
Problem #3: Ignoring bot development and deployment of best practices
Problem #4: Lack of qualifications and alignment with existing IT resources and strategy
Problem #5: Vague long-term vision and RPA evangelization

Additionally, we will talk about our QuickStrike Assessment approach to offer a quick review of on-going plans and a straightforward path forward for ROI optimization and remediation.


Stephen Moritz - Chief Customer Office.

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